Beauty Trends to Try This Fall

Beauty Trends to Try This Fall

I don’t know about you, but I’m very ready for Fall. Caramel-salted mochas, pumpkin-flavored everything, strategically oversized sweaters, fun boots, and my makeup finally staying on my face instead of melting all over the place.

While summer is wonderful for things like increasing Vitamin D intake, it’s wreaking havoc with my beauty game. Hairstyles become frizzy, applied makeup of any kind becomes dewey, and even if I do manage to smear some lipstick on, it evaporates within moments of stepping outside. Nope, Fall is definitely more glam-friendly.

While I’m waiting for the leaves to change and the temperatures to drop, I’ve already started working on which Fall 2019 beauty trends I want to try. Fashion Week in Paris and New York have long since passed, but they planted some interesting makeup seedlings that I can’t wait to see on the streets.

Which beauty trends should we be looking for?

Think: bold. Bright colors for your lips and eyelids, glitter everywhere, and 80s-tastic crimped hair. Designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Rodarte, and Prada are all in agreement: bigger is better this Fall. There are three trends which I’m particularly interested in:

  1. Glitter — I mean glitter for days
  2. Bold eyeshadow and eyeliner 
  3. Braids and Crimped Hair

Thinking of wearing some winged eyeliner today? Why not use a bold blue eyeliner?! Yes, I said blue. Want to look put together without having to spend 30 minutes on makeup? Red matte lipstick. Works every time. Feeling like showing off your locks without having to do too much work? Pigtail braids a-la Wednesday Addams are going to be all the rage.

As with any beauty trend, I always think of two things: budget and breakouts. How do I implement these new trends into my routine without breaking the bank? More importantly, how do I know which products to choose to make sure these new beauty trends aren’t causing damage to my face or hair?

As always, I check with the experts at Best Beauty Finds.


Glitter Everywhere

This may be my inner-child speaking, but I love glitter — love, love, LOVE glitter. I want sparkles on my cheeks, in my hair, basically everywhere. Cailyn Cosmetics is offering a Matte to Glitter Lip Trio. You read that correctly. Matte lipstick with sparkles. With lasting vivid colors, you’re sure to dazzle this Fall.

These limited edition holiday kits are available in three different colors: Perfect Nude, Lilac Purple, and Power Red. My personal favorite is the Power Red, but the Lilac Purple would be so much fun for my next concert or eclectic art show. Each Glitter Lip kit includes the Lust Extreme Matte Tint, a unique color infusion that delivers a waterproof, non-sticky matte finish; Carnival Glitter, finely milled powders which are safe to use on your eyes, lips, or nails, wherever you need a bit of sparkle; and the iCone Gel Lip Liner which allows for the perfect lip contour with state of the art gel formula. I personally can’t wait to use the Power Red for my “Friends-giving” dinner. Those long-lasting lips will probably be ready to party longer than me.

If you really want to wow this Fall, consider plumping your lips. Not with filler — too expensive and too painful! Luckily, D24K By D’OR has the nonsurgical answer: Mega Lip Plumper. This instant plumper is a hypo-allergenic formula full of peptides meant to transform your lip’s contour, giving you hydrated, smooth, and full lips.

Eyes in Bold

The most playful of the Fall trends is the neon streaks of color models are adding to their eyes. Whether it’s a simple streak of color or an elaborate winged look, eyes are in. Enter the old debate: Eyeshadow or eyeliner? Thick or thin on the color?! It’s enough to make one go cross-eyed with confusion. Whatever your preference, you’re going to need to make sure that your eye game is on point.

For me, I love doing a dramatic winged look with my eyeliner. Part of what makes that look so incredible is that it elongates even the shortest of eyelashes. If you’re like me and maybe wish that your lashes were a bit on the more lush side but you’re not willing to bankrupt yourself over eyelash extensions, try VLASH’s Heated Eyelash Curler for Maximum Volume. Think a curling iron, but for your eyelashes. This tool adds an instant and perfect curve to your eyelashes, giving your lashes that extra “va-voom” that you’ve been desperately craving. Best of all, perfectly curled lashes go perfectly with any bold eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Another way to give your eyes a bit of a lift: serum. Why not try Beyond the Soap’s Time Reverse Eye Lift Contour Serum? If you’re like the average human being, you’re definitely not getting enough beauty sleep. Who has time for that nonsense? Pumped full of Vitamin A and Anti-Aging Peptides, this serum will help diminish the appearance of dark circles and lines under your eyes. Giving your eyes a bit of a lift to show off those neon-shaded lids.

Hair Care for Fall Trends

Why do I love Fall so much? Well one reason is because if I style my hair, it actually manages to stay in place rather than become a frizzy mess. So how will I be styling my hair this Fall? I can’t believe it, but I may be pulling out my crimping iron that I shelved back in 2002. Braids and big waves are back. With all of the styling, the combing, and the crimping, my hair is already feeling the heat. Plus I’m a not-so-natural blonde, so how can I keep my hair healthy and protect my locks? I do want to be able to wear the winter trends later this year, after all!

Enter Avalanche Hair Laboratory. This brand has incredible products for all hair types, but it’s their Blonde+ Collection that keeps me coming back for more. Their Professional Grade Blonde+ Hair Repairing Shampoo is perfect for the adventurous blonde who, like me, might be over-styling her hair. The violet pigments combined with Betaine, Argan oil, and Vitamin E in the shampoo help banish brass from my hair and even repairs hair bonds, giving me moisturized and strengthened hair.

I’m also loving the Age-Defying Hair Complex for Split Ends from Premier. This argan oil helps fight dryness and unites split hair ends. My hair is a little past shoulder-length, and is medium-texture. I use one drop if I’ve had a haircut in the last two months, two drops if it’s been a bit longer, after I blow dry my hair. I apply the drops onto my fingertips and lightly work the oil onto my hair ends and lightly onto my scalp. It smells amazing and immediately reduces post-hair dryer frizz.

Matte lips, glittery eyelids, and healthy hair. I can’t wait for Fall to roll around. So, which Fall beauty trends are you going to pair with your Pumpkin Spice Latte?!

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