Discovering the Best of Beauty With Best Beauty Finds

Discovering the Best of Beauty With Best Beauty Finds

I remember when I was younger, I loved hanging out with my girlfriends talking about boys, of course, and dreaming about the future. We always had a great time laughing together, doing each other’s hair, painting our nails, and fantasizing about what we’d like to be when we grew up. The possibilities, then, seemed endless. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that if there’s something you’re passionate about, find a way to make money with it, and you will never “work” a day in your life. Interestingly enough, that’s what happened here with Best Beauty Finds.

Once upon a time, there were three friends who loved all things beauty. They had this idea to share their love of beauty products and accessories with the world. They brainstormed ways to bring all of the products (face masks, eye serums, body butters, and such) and brands — OMG!, Manuka Honey, Sky Organics, and so many more — to beauty lovers everywhere. They wanted to make sure that these brands that they’ve trusted and loved for so many years were afforded by fashionistas on every budget. You know how that is when you find something you love at an awesome price, you want to share it with all of your friends. Well, that’s the idea these friends imagined. And now, their brainstorming has come to fruition.

Introducing Best Beauty Finds!

I sat down for a chat over the phone with Shay Avi, Vice President of Yuka Inc. and one of the founding three members of Best Beauty Finds, to talk about BBF, how the company came to be, and what their hopes are for sharing their love of beauty with their customers. I bring to you the story of Best Beauty Finds:

Hi Shay, thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with me today to tell me a little bit more about Best Beauty Finds. Fun stuff first, tell us a bit about yourself and what your organization does.

Of course! I have been doing this, representing brands, for about nine years now. While my organization represents several brands in a certain variety of categories, but beauty has always been my bread and butter! It’s the category that we’re sort of experts on.

How does one become an expert on beauty brands?

Well, we have really developed the brands that we have worked with throughout the years. In helping these brands, we’ve gotten to see how they’ve grown. We see new and exciting brands by going to the different trade shows, seeing the new beauty trends there, and, of course, meeting new and exciting beauty buyers and websites. We collaborate with all sorts of beauty experts as well.

So Best Beauty Finds ... How did that get started? What’s the story behind it?

Because of our experience, my team and I — and of course all of the lovely experts on beauty topics and trends — we worked with all of these different platforms that are so exciting and so varied. But we wanted to have our own website where we could offer our own unique brands and beauty ideas. We wanted to tell people about these amazing brands that we get to work with.

What makes Best Beauty Finds unique?

Besides the brands?! We get unique pricing and unique deals. We get special pricing and opportunities because we’ve worked with these beauty brands for so long.We wanted to take this information about the brands we work with and spread it around, to tell all of our friends in the beauty community to get out there and get these great brands. One of the issues that we kept coming across was that, a lot of times, people would tell us about how they wanted to order a specific beauty item, but they weren’t able to find it at the stores we were partnering with.

I cannot tell you how many times that has happened to me! I’ll find that one perfect color of eyeshadow or something, and then it turns out that it was the brand just offering a one time deal.

Exactly! That’s it exactly! You’ve lived the story! We wanted to be able to offer these amazing brands in one place at the same price. We have worked with a lot of different beauty platforms and found that people will buy things at different pop up places because of the discount offer, but when they wanted to get that one particular item or beauty brand again, they couldn’t find it. 

It’s not always so easy to come across great items at a great price, and that’s what I think Best Beauty Finds really offers and has access to. We have access to the unique brands and the unique products that are hard to find.

Best Beauty Finds is hoping to make beauty more accessible to our shoppers. We partner up with TV channels, televised segments that feature beauty such as “The Wendy Show”. These viewers are a part of our clientele. They help us learn more about current beauty trends, and then they can come directly to us.

Something I’ve always wondered with beauty shops, how do you decide which brands to put on the site?

We put products that we personally like and have tried. We put brands on Best Beauty Finds that we’ve worked with and that we’ve seen grow. We’re really seeing the demand for the brands that we work with, and we’re only going to put things on the site that we feel comfortable standing behind and endorsing.

What else makes Best Beauty Finds so special?

We have worked with these brands for so long, and we have access to so many different beauty products, we can offer really great prices that other places simply cannot. Having a direct relationship with the provider is what allows us to do that, offer amazing deals. And it’s not just discounts, we can include fun gifts, give-aways, that sort of thing. We constantly change it up and do something different. One thing that we’ve emphasized is the give-aways and rewards. We really invest in that because we have so much freedom to engage with our customers and to make it a fun experience for those who love beauty.

I absolutely love rewards programs. It keeps me coming back, shopping more, getting those little coupons makes me think: oooh, time to go shopping!

Ha! Exactly!

Best Beauty Finds is celebrating the relaunch of their website. What inspired you to consider relaunching the website with a new design?

Accessibility. I think that the previous version of the website catered to the TV shows that we were partnering with, and we really wanted to be able to reach out to people that maybe didn’t have the opportunity to see the show and hear the host talk about the product. We wanted to make sure that everyone was able to have a unique shopping experience, and I think the new site really does that. You’re able to get a similar interactive experience where you can learn more through better descriptions, videos, and amazing pictures where you can really see every item we carry.

Let’s talk product. Do you have any favorite products that are sold on Best Beauty Finds?

Yes, oh my gosh, I have so many. I have a little bit too many. I have 10 brushes! I know, I only need one, but they make such a difference! Everything I have, I needed it at a different time. In terms of favorites, oh my gosh, I have a bunch. The D24K is one of my favorite brands. It’s glamorous all throughout, and they have items that I absolutely love —like their collagen items and their vitamin D dropper is amazing. I need it in the summer! I also love devices. They’re great investments, especially for people who are consistent with their skin care and their beauty regimen. If it’s something that you do daily, you really see a difference. It really infuses the product better into your skin.

Tech and beauty? What sort of devices do you mean?

The LED Tech Sonic Device. There’s a few different sonics, and yes, I do have them all. But I love all of the sonic devices and the neck devices, those are really great.

Neck and tech? What on earth does that do?

The neck device helps tighten the skin and infuse the products that you use into your skin. For me, it’s more of a prevention thing. When I was younger, I wasn’t so careful with my skin and my eyes. After I turned 30, I really started to see a difference, and so now I’m trying to take care of my neck and keep it hydrated. If you keep your skin hydrated, it prevents aging and wrinkles. I think some customers don’t know to keep their skin hydrated.

I also love Sky Organics. They have an amazing line. I love the castor oil. I use it on my eyebrows. It helps your eyebrows get thicker. It really makes a difference. And not just your eyebrows — I have the bigger bottle, and I put a drop or two in my shampoo. And it even helps with my hair to make it grow! That is one I definitely recommend. I want to make my hair stronger, thicker, and generally longer, and the oil really helps with that. If you use it, the hair will grow.

I think that the special that we have on the D24K is amazing, and we have really unique discounts. It’s affordable to anyone, and it’s such an effective brand. Those are two of my favorites, but it’s so hard to pick!

What do you think the future holds for Best Beauty Finds?

That’s a good question. I think the reach that we’ll be able to have with the new site is going to be huge. I think the new site is really catching. Everyday we’re getting great feedback from our customers. I think that the direction we’re going in is just really being able to properly promote the products and help beauty lovers get excited about the new and innovative items that are out there. That’s our goal! Beauty boxes, rewards, new and exciting things, amazing shopping experiences, these things are all coming to the site.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but after that conversation I was ready to buy one of everything on the site! Best Beauty Finds has so much to offer — from premium brands to quality products to prices my purse will love. I’ve had so much fun browsing the site. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Sky Organics Castor Oil and Vitamin C dropper from D24K by D’OR.

Now it’s your turn! Go check out the site and get some of the Best Beauty Finds in the industry. I’d love to hear from you about the products you’ve tried and loved. Happy shopping beauty lovers!

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