The Must See New Looks for Fall

The Must See New Looks for Fall

Oversized coats, leopard print loafers, cashmere sweaters, and faux-leather motorcycle jackets. Hold onto your pumpkin spice lattes, my fellow beauty devotees. It’s time for the new looks for fall.

Fall is my favorite time of year. “Hocus Pocus” viewings, Halloween, crisp leaves on the ground, “Hocus Pocus” reruns, salted caramel mochas, and did I mention that I really love “Hocus Pocus”? Come the end of September, I’m ready for boot and sweater weather. 

While fall fashions remain fairly stagnant — sweaters, oversized coats, and leopard print anything above — beauty trends can change seemingly at the drop of a leaf. Matte lipstick — is it in or out? Which nail polish should you wear with your favorite cardigan? Headbands — are they passe or posh? So how in the name of Winnifred Sanderson and her evil spellbook are you supposed to keep up with the latest trends?

By visiting Best Beauty Finds, of course!

Nail polish, it’s not just shades of purple now, you know

Fall manicures are one of the best ways to sport the new colors of fall. I have something of a shopping problem when it comes to sweaters — I have nearly every color of the rainbow in my sweater collection, but that perfect fall emerald green eludes me. It’s my unicorn of sweaters, but I shall find it. I shall! I digress. Back to spending problems and how they relate to manicures. 

In an attempt to keep my bank account out of the red, I no longer buy a new shade of red sweater when the fall season finally arrives. Instead, I invest in quality sweaters in my favorite neutral colors — grays, black, and caramel for everyday wear, red for when I need to feel bewitching — and let my manicure reflect the changing of the season. This year’s big colors for fall? Well, it’s no longer just varying shades of purple or brown. Instead, nail fashionistas are sporting such daring colors as navy, emerald green, grungy gray, gold glitter, and fuschia.

When it comes to nail beauty, not everyone cares for their cuticles as well as they should. Your nails, like the rest of your body, require sustenance and moisturizing to ensure a strong, healthy nail bed where the nail polish can happily rest and not chip the day after application. Aqua Minerals Professional Nail Kit offers manicure maniacs, such as myself, a fun way to keep your nails healthy in between polishes. Try Midnight Magic or Gold Charm, and your nails will be put under a spell, a spell of healthiness and sparkles, that is. The kit comes complete with a nail buffer, cuticle oil, and hand lotion. A nice little treat for your nails, all for $24.99.

If you’re hankering for some new colors but don’t have the time to get a manicure, or even really wait for said manicure to dry, try Hype’s Glam at Night Fast-Drying Nail Polish. The collection comes in four fun fall colors: red, sapphire blue, plum-brown, and purple. Even better, all of the nail polish formulas are what’s known as “5 Free” meaning that there is no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, or Formaldehyde Resin. Not only will your nail polish dry quickly, but you can feel safe knowing that nothing harmful or super unpronounceable is on your nails.

Big hair better care

Hair is big this fall, and I mean big. Large hair clips, headbands with bows in the dead center, full-length silk scarves doubling as scrunchies. It’s not just the accessories that are big right now, hairstyles are big, too. Crimped hair, curled hair, braided hair, wavy post-braids hair, it’s all about the big hair right now. 

When it comes to hair curling, there are seemingly thousands of different products that you can use to create various sized ringlets; and they are all bulky, take up way too much room in your already limited bathroom storage space, and the cords always get tangled or in the way of other hair products. 

The good news? The lovely beauticians at Proliss Professionals have created a 5 in 1 Interchangeable Advanced Digital Curling Wand. One handle, five different clipless curling wands that you can interchange, based on how big of a curl you want. What more could your locks wish for? How about an advanced LCD display for more accurate temperature control and an 8ft long plug-in cord capable of swiveling 360 degrees without tangling. Oh yeah, the digital curling wand has all of that.

Girl better glam up that hair

If you are in need of a bit of glam treatment for your hair, Best Beauty Finds has just the accessory. OMG! Diamond on Hair packs come with 72 diamond-esque stones — no, they’re not real diamonds, if they were, this pack would cost hundreds, not $18 — in four different colors: crystal clear, gold, green, and purple. These diamonds are easily applied with the use of a flat iron They’re sort of like stickers that you cut to any shape/design that you want, and can be blown dry, curled, and even washed all without falling out. Pretty amazing, right?

For the bearded beaus 

For all of the gentlemen readers out there, don’t worry. We have something for your hair, too. Facial hair, that is. If you’re thinking of sporting a non-ironic hipster beard or having a twirlable mustache, you’re going to want to invest in some product for your whiskers. Give Franck Provost Barb ‘Xpert’s Moustache & Beard Wax for Great Hold a try. This wax is specially designed to help beards and mustaches maintain whatever shape you desire — try to do something a bit more fun than the average twirl — all while reducing frizz and hydrating your ‘stache. 

There is nothing worse than a hair hangover

When it comes to hair, Best Beauty Finds is all about care. Primp and tease your roots all you want, but make sure you’re taking care of your tousled hair, too. If you want to treat your luscious locks without paying salon prices, you’ve come to the right place. I like to treat my hair to a hair mask every other week. It’s just like a face mask, but for your hair. 

The Acai Moisture Vitality Hair Mask is great for hair that’s been through the blow dryer and crimping iron one too many times. Put about a quarter-sized dollop of the Hair Mask in your damp hair, and work through to the ends. Leave the mask on your hair for about five to six minutes, and then rinse it out. This sulfate and paraben-free mask is perfect for getting some healthy shine back to your hair, something you’ll need in the cold and dry winter months. 

So how are you going to switch it up for fall? Try a daring new nail color? Or perhaps add some curl to your tresses or ‘staches? Let us know at Best Beauty Finds. Connect with us @BestBeautyFindsClub.

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