OSILIFTïë Sculpting Facial Lift 3-Step Regimen


(You save 90%)

Say good-bye to horrific, invasive procedures.

This intensive treatment has been innovated to lift and firm skin to such a dramatic degree that you_‹_ll turn heads. OSILIFT technology lifts skin and rebinds elastin and collagen fibers so skin snaps back to its original youthful state.

This 3-step process has 12 treatments that can last you anywhere from twelve days to six weeks. With such an easy at-home treatment, you_‹_ll wonder why you ever considered stepping into a doctor_‹_s office.

*Results Vary By Individual*

  • 12 Concentrated Cloth Masks
  • 4 bottles of three-dose Lifting Serum | 50mL each
  • 1 Lifting Cream Gel | 60mL
  • 1 Pair of tweezers

  • Each treatment lifts and firms skin for a tighter, tauter, firmer look.
  • You can tailor the treatment based on your specific needs. You can opt for a more subtle treatment that you only need twice a week or chose an intense treatment that will last you up to 6 days.ï_
  • Compact packaging allows for easy storage of the treatment. 6 weeks_‹_ worth of a treatment can all be stored in your medicine cabinet or under the sink.

Based on your specific needs, you can get a more intensive treatment or a more subtle treatment. For dramatic results, use the treatment every day for 6 days. For a more subtle treatment, use the treatment twice a week for 6 weeks.

Before starting each treatment, make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser.
Open oneï_Advanced Lifting Concentrated Cloth Maskï_but do not unfold it yet. Place the mask into the chamber of the box and pour some of the Lifting Serum over the mask until it is completely soaked. The mask will expand and unfold on its own once it is fully saturated with the serum (it_‹_ll typically take one third of a bottle).
Once the mask has been completely saturated, carefully unfold the mask and begin applying it to the face from the bottom, gently and slowly to ensure that the mask covers the entire surface of the mask (excluding the eyes).
Use your fingertips to gently apply pressure onto the mask on your face to make sure that the mask is in place. You_‹_ll leave the mask on for five minutes. You_‹_ll feel a cooling effect; this is perfectly natural and means that the treatment is working. Once five minutes is up, slowly peel the mask away and massage the remaining serum into your skin. ï_
Once you_‹_ve completely massaged it in, you_‹_ll apply the Lifting Cream the way you apply a moisturizer.ï_

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