Ageless Future Cell Renewal Serum


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A delivery of renewal in a single stroke. This serum penetrates deep into skin to deliver the potency of anti-aging ingredients while it purifies pores and wrinkles for a more luminous look. As it reacts to oxygen and activates, the serum calms irritation in tired skin and stimulates blood circulation in order to firm skin, renew cells, and lift sagging skin.


-Irritation from days past fades away.

-Actives penetrate deep into skin to provide instantaneous results.

-When applied with the cream, the serum unlocks the hydrating, lifting qualities that the moisturizer has to offer. 


Apply the cream twice a day. After washing your skin and patting it dry, apply the serum in soft, upwards motions. For best results, apply this after applying with the Cell Renewal Serum. (Avoid getting product into eyes.)

Key Ingredients:

*Aloe Barbadensis Gel: Known across the globe to heal skin instantly and effectively. Aloe has the special ability to penetrate deep into skin and repair damage. In anti-aging solutions, aloe can refresh tired, dull skin.

*Witch Hazel Extract: Specifically added to improve the appearance of skin. Witch hazel astringes deep into pores and deep wrinkles to create a more luminous look.

*Dead Sea Mineral Water:  The high concentrations of minerals in Dead Sea water have been known to renew and nourish skin for a brighter, smoother tone. In the serum, the minerals help maintain skin’s precious balance. 

2.04 fl Oz.


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