Mother of Pearl 3-in-1 Light Therapy Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatment Device


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Faceology's Mother of Pearl 3-in-1 Light Therapy device treats wrinkles, acne and promotes circulation all at once!

Whether you suffer from Wrinkles, Signs of Aging, Acne, Oily or Dry Skin, this cutting-edge Mother of Pearl device is a perfect addition to any skin care routine!


  • Vibrations promote blood circulation, treating wrinkles and fine lines
  • Red light therapy decreases acne and is also known to treat scars and stretch marks
  • Gentle yet powerful vibrations assist making your go-to skincare products absorb deep into the skin, making them much more effective.
  • Heat therapy eliminates toxins, fighting acne & future blemishes by cleaning deep within pores
  • Portable and compact design that is perfect for on-the-go!
  • Firms & tones skin to restore youthful vitality

Forehead: Slide up & down (or) left & right on the forehead
Face: Treat from the bottom to the top and from the middle to the edge of the face
Corners of Mouth: Treat around the corner of the mouth from the bottom to the top and then left and right
Neck: Treat from the bottom to the top and towards both sides of neck area

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery Vibration frequency 8000rpm

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