1.25” Spring Collection Ceramic Flat Iron - Rosewood


(You save 82%)

Style your hair in no time with a soft touch flat iron that is easy to use for beginners as well as experienced stylists.

The far-infrared technology distributes heat evenly, preventing damage. Negative ions promote smoother, silkier hair. Sleek, ergonomic and non-slip grip designed for professional comfort.

100% ceramic heating helps heat to maximize temperature swiftly. Heat resistant glove included to avoid burns.

- For straight hair begin at bottom and separate a 1 inch bunch of hair. Clamp between plates & slowly glide down towards ends. Recommended to use in 4 sections/tiers/layers.
- For wavy hair clamp between plates near the root. Wrap hanging hair around the outside shaft. Quickly and gently pull iron away from the head. Repeat until desired waves are achieved.
- For Curly Hair. Follow instructions for Waves, but pull slowly.


1.25 inch plating

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