1" Premium Graduated Ceramic Clipless Curler


(You save 80%)

Introducing the perfect clip-less ceramic curling wand designed to provide amazing lasting results and performance.

Curl, wave or flip your hair quickly and with ease to create a bold new look.

Say goodbye to frizzy, dry hair and experience the smooth, shiny and voluminous hair you’ve always wanted!

-Voltage: 110–240V, 50/60Hz
-11 foot heat resistant textile power cord with 360 degree swivel.

- For complete styling, hair should be clean, dry and free from dirt, hair spray, creams, etc. Curling iron can always be used for quick touch ups and rescues any time.
- Preheat: Rest the curling iron safely on a smooth flat surface and plug in. Set the heat switch at High or Low position and allow curling iron to heat fully (approximately 5 minutes).
- Use High heat for normal, easy or hard to curl hair. Simply hold hair that is wound around barrel a bit longer for hair that resists curling.
- Use Low heat for hair that has been color treated or is fragile or damaged.


1 inch plating

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