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3-Piece Hair Detangling Comb & Brush Set

3-Piece Hair Detangling Comb & Brush Set

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This Detangling Comb & Brush Set includes a Vented Brush, Wide-Tooth Comb and a Rat-Tail Comb.

Works On All Hair Types: Are you tired of your hair breaking while brushing, accompanied by an increase in hair loss? Time for a new hair brush. This Detangling Comb & Brush Set is suitable for both wet and dry hair, effortlessly eliminating knots and tangles, making your brushing experience painless. It's suitable for all hair types, whether straight, curly, natural, fine, thick, kinky, coily, frizzy, dyed, with extensions, wigs, or even beards.

Kid-friendly detangler brush: This Vented Brush features an innovative combination of gentle, flexible smart bristles and a patented flex design that makes detangling a breeze, without the tears.

Frizz Free Hair: Thanks to Brilliance New York's cutting-edge patented technology and thoughtfully ergonomic design, achieving frizz-free hair has never been easier. Our brushes and combs come with lightweight and comfortable handles, featuring a spiraled ergonomic design that delivers a gentle, massaging brushing experience that won't cause damage or split ends.

Bio-Friendly & Recyclable: Developed moms for moms, Crafted from Earth-Friendly material, and up to 100% biodegradable, our vetted natural detangler set is a functional, sustainable, and stylish choice for your everyday hair care. The box is 100% re-cyclable so show love to your hair and love to the planet.

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