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3-in-1 LED Light Therapy Eye Mask

3-in-1 LED Light Therapy Eye Mask

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The Dermalactives 3in1 LED Light Therapy Eye Mask features three types of color light therapy—red, blue, and yellow. Utilizing the principles of LED bi-color therapy, the product has been demonstrated to offer a range of skincare benefits.

Key Benefits:
1. LED Red light
Red light can increase the activity of skin cells, promote cell metabolism, and cause skin to secrete collagen and fibrous tissue, thereby filling the collagen gap lost by the skin. Additionally, this red light helps in accelerating blood circulation, increasing skin elasticity, improving skin tone, and reducing acne blemishes.

2. LED Yellow light
The yellow light helps to provide anti-wrinkle, skin-firming effects by deeply penetrating the skin to promote cell renewal and collagen secretion. Combine yellow light with a beauty essence for superior results.

3. LED Blue light
The blue light used can effectively tighten the skin to restore fiber elasticity, which helps to whiten and rejuvenate the skin, and has a good calming and soothing effect on sensitive skin.

4. High-tech eye care
A specific temperature of 40 C can alleviate the fatigue and dryness caused by excessive use of the eyes, brighten dark circles, and dilute the bags under the eyes.

Wattage: 6W
Battery Life: 20 minutes
Input voltage: 5V-1.5A

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