8-Piece Click-n-Curl Interchangeable Brush Set


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One Brush with Endless Possibilities

The Click-N-Curl brush features a soft-touch grip, one universal handle and five detachable, thermal, color-changing barrels. A heat-activated color guide that will take the guess work out of styling. Not to mention our brush is made of 50% boar and 50% nylon bristles that create voluminous body.

Styling Set Includes:
- 5 brush heads
- 1 universal handle

Bonus Items:
- 1 storage bag
- 1.7 oz blow out hair spray

Start with damp hair and apply a heat protectant or favorite styling product. Stand brush barrels on end in an easy-to-reach location. Attach the handle to each barrel with a click.

Work with one section of hair at a time. Use the Click n Curl round brush and a hairdryer to smooth and dry hair from root to tip. To create maximum volume, keep hair taut and lift upwards and outwards while drying. To prevent tangles, avoid catching hair from other sections. When the section of hair is dry, wrap it around the barrel, making sure that it lies on top of the brush and that the ends are smooth against the barrel.

Continue rolling until the barrel is tight against the scalp and at the root of that section. Then give the brush a gentle shake back and forth against the scalp to set the roller in place. Release the handle.

Attach the next barrel and repeat steps 3 and 4 until every section has been rolled tightly.

Once the barrels have completely cooled, slowly unwind them using both hands, in an upward and outward direction. Never pull downward and avoid catching other sections of hair to prevent tangles.

Style and finish your look. You_‹_ll feel fresh and confident that you_‹_ve achieved a professional looking blowout with amazing volume and stunning curls!

Bristles - Nylon and Boar
Brush -ï_Metal and Plastics

Blow Out Spray - 1.7 fl. oz

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