Glam Series 7" Intelligent Dual Touch LED Vanity Mirror


(You save 65%)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who does the prettiest make-up of them all?

You do now thanks to this HD Vanity Mirror with Touch Technology! Featuring Lifetime LED and 2 lighting modes, this latest addition to the Almost Famous lineup will have you doing your makeup and beauty routine in crystal clear HD!

Our 7-inch model features TOUCH technology for a next-gen premium experience! On the 1X side, you'll enjoy the crystal clear 7-inch reflection that will help you breeze through your make up and skincare routine. Need even more clarity? Simply and effortlessly rotate to the magnifying side and show them off by 3X'ing your beauty.

See your makeup in a night setting or brilliant day setting to make sure those pigments and that color flatters you 24/7!

- Multi-Touch Control
- Intelligent Dimmable Adjustable Light
- Lifetime LED Array Technology
- Adjustable Angle for Versatile Viewing
- Dual 1x / 3x Magnification
- Studio and Natural Light for Perfect blending

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