Organic Skin DETOX Set: Organic Blueberry Detox Mask & Hydration Night Moisturizer


(You save 93%)

Start your relaxation on your face with our organic purifying blueberry mask. Our Formula helps to instantly boost skin’s ability to absorb and hold moisture for long-lasting hydration.

Blueberries rich in anti-oxidants boost activity that thwarts free radical damage. Detoxifying powers cleanse and purify, encouraging cell regeneration and the growth of healthy new skin cells.

With improved moisture, the skin looks and feels renewed, younger, naturally. And Now finish the night off with, our overnight moisturizer. It’s a fact. Daily exposure to pollution, climate and stress drain your skin of essential moisture.

Overnight while you catch up on your beauty sleep, this rich yet lightweight anti-ager works for quick rehydration. Natural anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals that undermine skin structure, so skin appears strong and supple, its elasticity renewed. Voila - a radiant, younger looking you. For all skin types. 1.75 fl. oz. / 50ml.

Night Moisturizer: 
Thoroughly cleanse face using Attitude line Purifying Cleansing Gel.
Pat dry. 
Apply small amount of Night Moisturizer on your face and neck. Massage gently upwards.
For best results, also use Attitude line Day Moisturizer +DMAE = Ester C. 

Organic Blueberry Mask: 
Wash face and pat dry.
Gently massage Organic Blueberry Mask onto face in an upward circular motion.
Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. 
Follow with Attitude line Organic Day or Night Moisturizer.

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