Battery Operated Body Trimmer with 2 Adjustable Trim Settings


(You save 50%)

This body trimmer is ideal to remove easily the hair. Its 2 guard combs (2mm and 4mm) will help to shave more easily and safely the hair. Working with a battery LR6/AA 1.5V included

- Install the guard comb at the desired height. Make sure that the mark is aligned with the mark of the mowing head.
- Place the trimmer at an angle of 45° on the skin. - Slide the on/off button forward to turn on the trimmer. Proceed with slow and controlled movements when the hair od the beard is dense.
- Move the trimer in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Note: Make sure that the flat part of the guard comb is always in contact with the skin.
- Do not put to much pressure. If the length of the hair to shave is more than 20mm, first cut to a length of 4mm to facilitate the shave. The trimmer works optimally on dry skin.
- Thus, dry your skin with a towel for example when using the trimmer on wet areas like the underarms.
- Tighten the skin in sensitive areas.

Stainless Steel and Plastic

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