9-Piece Ruby, Crystal, Gold Face Set: Face Cream + Antioxidant Serum + 6 Masks + Bag


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Diamond & Ruby Crystal Moisture Renewal Face Cream seals in nourishing moisturizers while introducing additional vitamins designed to restore optimal hydration and promote softer, more supple-looking skin.

LXIR, a unique diamond complex, along with micronized Ruby crystals help stimulate the certain (longevity) gene that signals skin to act younger.

A rich mushroom extract helps balance skin tone and a hex peptide proven to significantly impact firmness and elasticity are both key ingredients in this rich yet ultra-light formula.

This final stage in the Ruby Collection recharges the skins electrical balance and helps strengthen your skinäó»s defense system against visible signs of aging.

Diamond & Ruby Crystal Vitamin & Antioxidant Rich Face Serum utilizes innovative technology in the form of micronized ruby beads that deliver essential vitamins (A, B, C & E) to the top layers of the epidermis.

LXIR, an exclusive diamond peptide complex, and Green Tea extract help improve elasticity, promote firmness and protect the skin; strengthening the skin's defense system against visible signs of aging.

Gold Indulgence 6-Piece Luxury Face Mask Set incorporates key ingredients designed to help repair, recharge and rejuvenate your delicate facial skin.

Gold extract, proven to help firm facial tissue and replenish moisture, and vitamins C & E allow this gold infused mask to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soften the appearance of frown lines and facial creases, and improve overall elasticity and radiance.

Formulated to provide your skin with a boost of nutrients and minerals, this mask will help nourish the deep tissue of your skin and repair visible signs of aging resulting in a firmer, more radiant complexion.

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