COFFEE EVOLUTION - Skin Scrubber Device for Clogged Pores with Patented Skin Rejuvenation Mist


Best Beauty Finds

Best Beauty Finds

The Mist Scrubber with built-in mist dispenser allows you to recreate the effects of pricey ultrasonic skin scrubbing spa treatments in the comfort of your home.
The Mist Scrubber not only gently exfoliates skin and removes dirt and daily grime (even from clogged pores), but it also acts as a massage tool to better allow serums to penetrate even driest skin.

How it works:
Through the use of ultrasonic oscillation, or extremely accelerated vibrations, even embedded dirt and oil separates from skin.
Dry patches are exfoliated and remain on the device's metal spatula after treatment.
The device may be safely used on the entire face, neck, and even decolletage. Results will be noticeanle on areas prone to blackheads or clogged pores including nose or T-zone.

Device Benefits:
The ultrasonic waves act to even out skin tone while brightening discoloration and overall skin.
Circulation is improved, wrinkles smoothed and clogged areas cleansed. Skin will immediately appear cleaner, healthier, and more even.
Device is safe enough for daily use. Long-term benefits will be fewer clogged pores, minized oil buildup, and an overall smoother appearance.
Coffee & Vanilla based mist solution is included. The coffee extract will 'wake up' skin cells without leaving the skin dry or oily.

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