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Cyclone Heat Hair Dryer

Cyclone Heat Hair Dryer

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The Cyclone Heat offers and excellent hair drying experience. The airflow speed can reach 20m/s. offering the fastest hair drying experience.

Compact and Lightweight: Sized like a traditional hair dryer handle, this model is incredibly portable, weighing only 340g, equivalent to an iPhone. With this hair dryer, you can style your hair anytime, anywhere.

Charming and Elegant Design: We're confident that the unique and stunning design of this hair dryer will revolutionize your perception of traditional hair dryers. Keep this beautiful item a secret from your friends, as they might instantly fall in love with it at first sight.

Intelligent Heat Management: To prevent heat damage, we've integrated a high-frequency measuring sensor that monitors scalp and outlet temperatures 30 times per second. The embedded CPU responds instantly to maintain airflow at a constant temperature, protecting your hair from heat damage.

6.6-Foot Long Cord: Unlike the common 5-foot power cords found on hair dryers in the market, ours extends to 6.6 feet. Blow-dry wherever and however you like; life may be unpredictable, but your hair-drying experience doesn't have to be.

Anti-leakage Design: Ensuring safer and healthier hair care, this model is CE and FCC certified for your peace of mind.

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