Deep Cleansing Facial Brush System for Men

Boost your daily skincare routine with the Deep Cleansing Face Brush and discover an even healthier looking complexion. This special cleansing technique is designed to maximize the benefits of your skin care regimen.


Skin Refresh - Invigorates and refreshes the skin while minimizing the look of large pores
Flexible Oscillating Brush Head - Cleans better than using hands alone
Specialized Bristles - Better exfoliate and brighten men's thicker skin
Deep Cleans - Removes sweat, oil, dirt and impurities
Reduces Razor Bumps - Creates a close, smooth shave
Rechargeable Battery - For extended life

• Rinse visible sweat and dirt off face before using the Deep Cleaning Facial System
• Dampen face, neck and brush head with warm water and apply Facial Cleanser to face or brush head.
• Press the start button and gently move the brush across your face in soft circular movements for one minute avoiding the eye area. Cleanse the forehead for approximately 20 seconds, the nose and chin area for 20 seconds and each cheek for 10 seconds. Do not push down on the brush when cleansing.
• Rinse face with warm water and pat dry
• After cleansing, use toner and moisturizer as desired
• Use cleansing brush 3-5 times per week
• After each use wash the brush head with warm water and soap and let dry. Replace brush head after three months of use or earlier if the bristles become worn


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