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DermaGlowTM LED Eye Massage Rejuvenator

DermaGlowTM LED Eye Massage Rejuvenator

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TRIPLE ACTION: Utilizes Red LED, Hypersonic Infusion and Thermal Therapy to reduce wrinkles and dark circles in the under eye bag area as well as improve skin elasticity and blood flow for a more youthful look.
RED LED LIGHT: Increases cell real and collagen production. Also aids in pain relief and improved blood circulation.
HYPERSONIC INFUSION: Relaxes skin and increases blood circulation to the eye area to boost skincare product absorption up to 6X
THERMAL THERAPY: Promotes and improves elasticity and opens and closes pores increasing absorption, pushing your favorite products deep into your skin.
SLEEK & PORTABLE DESIGN: Cordless and small enough to fit in your purse or cosmetic bag, it's perfect for travel and to take anywhere!

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