Next Generation Anti-Aging Lifting Sonic Anion Device - Rose Gold


Next Generation Anti-Aging Lifting Sonic Anion Device - Rose Gold


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Through micro-electronic technlogy and microchip control technology, the node surface can instantly achieve a minimum of 6 degrees celsius or maximum of 42 degrees celsius. High-frequency vibration achieves the deepest skin care and give your skin a beautiful and healthy glow.

Key Features:
- Sonic Vibration: High-frequency vibration can penetrate into skin with a powerful cleansing effect, throughly removing makeup and dirt from pores, making skin clear and bright.
- Cold and Warm: Alternating cold and warm node promotes the opening and closing of pores, as it stimulates skin blood circulationg and promoting skin's metabolism.
- Negative Ions: Negative ions reinforce collagen production. According to the standards of the International Federation of the Join Comission of the atmosphere: people need 13 billion ecological negative ions per day, but our living environment can only provide about 1-20 million negative ions.

1. Remove the cap.
2. Press 5 POWER for about 3 seconds to turn on the device. The light of the "sun" is on, and now the temperature of heating is in the first level.
3. Press 4 vibration button for about 1 second to start vibration. The light of the top "vibration" is on, and press 3 again to stop.
4. Press 3 intensity button for about 1 second to make temperature jump. to the second level if you adapt the first level.
5. Press 5 mode button for about 1 second. When heating nusing is finished, press 5 to switch from heating mode to cooling mode.
6. After 3 minutes the power will automatically shut off. Each different temperature of cool nursing or heating nursing last 3 minutes

Food-grade Stainless Steel and Plastic

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