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Ear Wax Cleaner with App

Ear Wax Cleaner with App

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This is the ear cleaning tool that uses six LEDs to illuminate the ear canal and an integrated 3mp 1980 x 1980 camera to see and target wax build up. About the size of a marker, the device’s miniature endoscope streams live footage to a connected smartphone or tablet, enabling one to direct the remover’s wax-removing silicone tip exactly where it is needed. The device has a protective earbud stopper that prevents the tool from going too deep into the ear canal and it comes with eight different silicone tips to accommodate various ear sizes and levels of accumulation. With a water resistant and dust-proof rating of IP67. The unit can also be used to check one’s teeth, nose, throat, and scalp. Charges via USB. 5 1/2" L. (1 oz.)

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