Limited-Edition Pearl Infused 1" Graduated Curling Wand


(You save 80%)

The Limited Edition Pearl Infused Curling Wand is designed specifically with our clients in mind for amazing results and performance. Curl, wave or flip your hair quickly and easily into any style you want.

Be bold enough to create any style you want. From tight curls to everyday waves, Fahrenheit gives you the opportunity to experience it all.

Say goodbye to frizzy, dry hair and experience the smooth, shiny, silky hair you've always wanted.

  • Ceramic Tourmaline 1" Curler Barrel
  • Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz
  • 11 foot heat resistant textile power cord with 360 degree swivel

Hair should be clean and completely dried before using the curling wand.
Plug the wand into an electrical outlet.
Turn on unit and wait until curling wandï_is heated up fully.
For best results, start with a section of hair that is 1.5 inches wide and no more than 1_�æ2 inch thick.
Wrap hair around the wand for ï_a few seconds and let go.ï_ï_
Repeat process on additional sections of hair until you achieve the hairstyle you desire.ï_


1" Graduated

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