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Fat Freezer

Fat Freezer Cryo Roller

Fat Freezer Cryo Roller

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Fat Freezer Handheld Ice Roller. Paired with accelerated cold gel for twice the cold and twice the effectiveness.
Use the Cryo-Roller to help firm, tone and tighten your skin. Using 30 minutes a day can help skin appear firmer and firmer.
Reduces swelling and redness around the cheeks, lower part of the eyes, chin and neck. Refresh your look with a glowing complexion.
Calms skin redness and inflammation. Effectively accelerate microcirculation in the treatment area to clam your skin, reduce redness, combat puffiness, fatigue, dry eyes, dark circles, early fine lines.
Drug-free natural facial skin rejuvenation. No battery, just freeze the roller head in the fridge and use.
Fat Freezer Cryo Roller- When you look great, you feel great. That's why at Fat Freezer, we’re proud to create cryolipolysis products to help your looks and appearance so you can feel great!

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