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Fat Freezer

Fat Freezer Face Sculpting

Fat Freezer Face Sculpting

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Helps slim your jawline & cheeks
Helps reduce puffiness & redness
Aids in lessening the appearance of fine lines on skin’s surface
Aids in rejuvenating & invigorating the skin
Fat Freezer Face - 3 Mode Facial Slimming brings a totally new solution to help you ditch your double chin & tighten your neck. It's based on clinically proven results from Cryolipolysis technology.Unlike surgery, it maintains your natural beauty.To maximize sculpting results it combines Freeze, Thermo Heat, Sonic, and Photon Rejuvenation.For Optimal results, hold the Fat Freezer Face in place against the area you are targeting for 15 seconds then move a _ inch in the direction you are shaping. Repeat the process for up to 4 minutes per area.

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