Glam Styler - 4 Piece Interchangeable Digital Clipless Curling Iron with Diamond Technolog


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This unique Interchangeable Clipless Curling Ion utilizes Diamond Technology giving your hair more body and volume. Far Infra Red technology provides constant even heat distribution and no damaging hot spots. It's digital screen allows you to see the exact temperature so that you can control the temperature according to your hair texture. This curling iron offers heating temperatures up to 450 degrees for faster styling. With these professional features, you can achieve salon results at home!

Key Features:
• Size: Interchangeable barrel sizes
• Includes 4 different sized barrels for your preferred curl
• Ceramic and diamond infused barrel
• An advanced ceramic heater for better recovery time
• Excellent for longer lasting curls and waves
• Utilizing real diamonds and Far Infrared technology for constant even heat distribution and no damaging hot spots
• Ionic technology helps seal the cuticle, locking the moisture inside your hair shaft, protecting your hair from humidity
• Nano silver Technology
• Heats up to 450 F / 232 C
• Suitable for all hair types
• Cool-tip for safer handling
• Thermal glove included for easier use
• Universal Voltage - Guaranteed to work anywhere you are in the world
• 6 ft. cord length
• Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty

- First, brush through hair that you have washed the day before. Next, spray a heat protectant all throughout you hair, or use a heat protection serum.
- Now, plug in your curling iron! While your curling iron is heating up, divide you hair into sections, starting with the bottom layer. There are many different techniques when using a curling iron:

(1) One technique, which may take just a little practice, begin at the roots, careful not to let barrel touch scalp, place hair in between the barrel and clip, and in one motion, quickly glide curling iron down entire length of hair, until ends are almost all under the clip, then wind iron back up to your scalp, once again, being careful not to let the barrel of the iron touch the scalp.

(2) Alternate technique; begin by inserting hair between clip and barrel just above the ends, quickly and smoothly, slide barrel down until ends are almost all under the clip, then winding hair back up the length of hair, taking care not to let the iron touch the scalp. To help those luscious locks stay, after curling, wind curl up and hold in place with a clip, bobby pin, ect. Repeat with remaining sections, working your way up from bottom to top.

- After your locks have cooled completely, gently, gently, remove clips, and gently tousle with fingers, working through curls, shaping and styling as you go. Enjoy your lovely locks, they should last all day it you use a good hairspray!

Ceramic & Diamond barrel with plastic housing.

Interchangeable barrel sizes
          - 19mm (3/4")
          - 25mm (1")
          - 32mm (1 1/4")
          - 32mm -25mm (1"-1 1/4")

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