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Face Cooling Ice Globes

Face Cooling Ice Globes

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SkinGear's Ice Globes will refresh your skin by adding a relaxing and cooling step to your skincare routine! Designed to encourage better blood circulation and oxygenate the skin, it will also help to shrink pores, heal and renew skin.

Key Benefits:
- Improves tightness and tone.
- Decreases puffiness and aids lymphatic drainage.
- Calms redness acne and rosacea.
- Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin.
- Eases tension, including sinus headaches and migraines.

While applying a rolling motion, use light pressure in an upwards and outwards direction to the face. Ice Globes can also be used on the back, neck, hands, or feet. Protip: Store your Ice Globe in the refrigerator or ice water before use.

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