Men's Nano Titanium Mini Bullet 5500 Hair Dryer


(You save 69%)

Introducing the MINI BULLET 5500 is a small size light weightï_and high performance professional hair dryer with super strong air flow and heat to ensure reducing drying time by 50% guarantee.

Mini bullet hair dryer have a unique design that allow the dryer to perform a stronger air flow and heat faster drying and silky smooth finish.

- 1875 watt performing as 2200 watts because of the unique shape of the dryer,
- Built in heat protection device to prevent over heat and to keep the hair healthy and shiny.
- Includes 2 BYBPRO professional nuzzles connector and ONE diffuser to allow you a different performance in each nuzzle.
- Designed by professional engineers in order to give the number one and best dryer to use.
- 1 diffuser for drying curly hair evenly
- High quality and long life ac motor gives powerful air flow
- 3 heat setting, 2 air speed setting, 1 cool shot button to seal cuticles
- 9 feet power cable
- GFCI safety plug
- Hanging ring for easy storage.
- The surface of the product is made by high quality plastic witch are heat proof and flexible so it dose not break if it falls.
- A double insulation protection so its very safe to use.

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