Nail Fashion - Pastel Polish Collection


Nail Fashion - Pastel Polish Collection


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With a love for effortless, glamorous fashion, Anise’s inspiration is rooted from the traveling, busy woman on city streets who is stylish with a casual sophistication.

All shades are always of- the-moment trends. Anise is designed with long lasting formula that is made to be easy to apply and easy to remove.

- NO Toluene. 
- NO DBP. 
- NO Formaldehyde. 
- NO Formaldehyde Resin. 
- NO Camphor. 
- NO Animal Testing.

All formulas contain NO toxic chemicals. Certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Organization.

• Choose your color: This is the fun part! Then, dip your brush into the bottle. Drag the brush up out of the bottle while wiping the brush on the rim of the bottle. Without re-dipping the brush, slowly wipe the other side of the brush on the opposite side of the rim; pressing firmly so the brush slightly fans. Continue to pull the brush all the way out of the bottle while wiping the paint off on the rim.

• Support the finger of the nail-in-question with your thumb (if you're painting your thumb-nail, support your thumb with your middle finger). Starting at the cuticle, apply the tip of the brush to your nail. Press down, allowing the brush to fan out, and draw the brush to the tip of your nail, again moving from left to right to get an even coat.

• Second Coat: After applying the first coat to your fingernails on both hands, you may begin with the second coat. 
• Sealing the Tips:After applying the second coat, go back to the left most tip of the nail and drag your brush along the edge. This seals the polish off on the tip of the nail and prolongs the life of your manicure!

• Once your nails are dry, step out into the world and enjoy feeling polished!

Butyacetate, Ethl Acetate,Nitrocellulose,Isoprophyl Alchol, Adipic Acid/Neoperntyl Glycol/Timelitic Anhydrate Copolymer, Sucrose Acetate

0.5 fl. oz

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