Promise Hair Growth Serum


Promise Hair Growth Serum


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NATURE'S LIQUID GOLD | This popular hair serum is formulated with Argan Oil , known as "Natures Liquid Gold" so your hair is naturally soft and beautiful.

VITAMIN ENRICHED | Our hair serum is enriched with vitamins A, C & E to ensure that your hair is not only beautiful but also healthy.

ADDS STRENGTH | More than just a moisturizer, our hair serum adds shine and enhances strength in your strands, so you have gorgeous body and stronger hair.

SUPERIOR PROTECTION | Not only does this serum boost hair growth, but it also repairs and protects your existing strands to prevent loss.

ADDS LUSTER | Although it strengthens, adds shine and protects, you can also bring back a luster to your hair that may have been lost with other serums.

1.35oz / 40ml

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