Bamboo Aromatherapy Diffuser with Auto Shutoff, 300ml


(You save 66%)

Aromatherapy is the simplest and most effective way of reaping the benefits from essential oils. With its discreet bamboo look, our Essential Oils Diffuser is easy to use and comes with seven different mood colors. Just pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil mixed with water to aromatize a room of up to 300 square feet.

1. Keep product straightened, remove the upper cover veritcal direction.

2. Please connect the AC adapter to the DC socket of the base.
3. Please use the measure cup to add water into the tank. (Don't exceed max 300ml. Don't add water when the product is in use. Don't use high temperature water)
4. Add aromaic oils into the water tank. (0.1ml-0.15ml oil per 100ml water)
5. Install the upper cover back. Rotate the cover to adjust the desired position of spray mouth. Notes: The upper cover must be put on the product back before use.
6. Please connect the AC adapter with family user power supply socket.
7. LIGHT: First press LIGHT, there are 7 colorful lights that change automatically as default. Second press, there are two brightness modes for each color to choose. Long press over 2 seconds, the LIGHT is off. LIGHT can work alone when mist is off.
8. HIGH/LOW: First press, high mist is as default and you can hear the sound "BB". Press again, you can hear the sound "BBB" for interval mist mode (work 30s, stop 30s then recycle.)
9. MIST: First press, it is low mist and 60 min timer as default. The LED below 60 is bright when power is switched on. You can choose the time needed (120/180/ON continuous spray time). Long press over 2s, the MIST is off. The product will shut off automatically when waterless.
10. If you don't use it for a long time, please drain out the water in the tank and keep it dry.
11. The product is off status as default when power is on.
12. The product will shut off automatically when water shortage, even though the mist is "on".
13. Light can be turned off automatically together with the mist when the timer is up.


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