Fractionated Coconut Oil for Hydration


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Our Fractionated Coconut Oil revitalizes the skin and hair, contributes to weight loss and has fantastic moisturizing properties that can be used as massage oil and aromatherapy. Studies show that the coconut-based product may also lead to better brain function, and even help to treat conditions such as epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease. While Fractionated Coconut Oil features a number of benefits, it is best known as an ingredient in many beauty treatments.

For Aromatherapy - Mix with your favorite essential oils

As a hair and skin moisturizer - Apply directly to dry areas

As a massage oil - Rub between hands to heat and apply to the skin

Ideal for cosmetic DIY Projects - Add the oil to all your favorite DIY lotions, balms, etc.

100% Fractionated Coconut Oil

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