Organic Cold-Pressed Sweet Almond Oil


(You save 37%)

Our 100% natural Sweet Almond Oiläó»s versatility is appealing to everyone. Thanks to its high concentration of unsaturated fats (the good fat), only one or two tablespoons a day (as-is, or in a salad or a shake) can help you avoid cardiovascular diseases, and regulate your cholesterol and blood sugar level. But it doesnäó»t stop there, being rich in vitamin E, nutrients and antioxidants, you can use Almond Oil as conditioner, it will repair damaged hair and revitalize it as well. Because itäó»s very mild it can be used safely on babiesäó» and on your face. Use as a nighttime moisturizer, or simply to remove eye-bags. Whether in the kitchen or the washroom, Almond Oil has definitely a place in your house.

- Manage glucose level
- Fight aging signs
- Control cholesterol
- Regulate blood sugar
- Prevent acne
- Rejuvenate skin cells
- Safe for babies
- Perfect massage oil
- Rich in antioxidants
- No additives
- Hypoallergenic
- Highest Grade
- Hexane-Free
- Rich in Vitamin A - B - D - E and fatty acids

Apply directly onto skin and hair.

100% Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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