Organic Pure Youth Argan Oil


Organic Pure Youth Argan Oil


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Grown organically in Morocco, our pure Argan oil will deliver you an astonishing glow from head to toe. Known for its healing and conditioning properties, it works great for sensitive skins and damaged hair. Its fast absorbing properties will leave you with a youthful-looking complexion. Apply also some on your nails to leave them with a long lasting radiance.

- Prevent skin oiliness
- Lock-in moisture
- Skin moisturizer
- Make-up remover
- Acne fighter
- Treat dry scalp
- Remove cuticles
- Organic
- No additives

Dispense 1-3 drops onto palms and massage into clean hair, skin, nails, face and body. Apply to body immediately after shower or bath. This will help seal in the moisture. Re-apply as needed.

100% Organic Argan Oil

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