Soothing Alcohol Free Eye Make-Up Remover


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This eye makeup remover erases makeup away as it moisturizes your delicate skin. This makeup remover does not contain alcohol, which can dry skin and burn eyes. Perfect for sensitive skin, this remover gently lifts makeup and debris away while it strengthens eye lashes that would otherwise fall out with ease.


-Eyes won_‹_t look red, puffy, or worn after you_‹_ve removed makeup

-This remover washes away the most stubborn waterproof makeup.

Key Ingredients:

*Chamomile Extract: We added chamomile extract to make sure your face look relaxed and rested rather than puffy and irritated.

*Witch Hazel Extract: Witch hazel can help heal delicate skin, it also lifts away unsightly grime that_‹_s been left around your eye area from heavy makeup.

Shake the bottle well and then soak a cotton pad with the remover. Hold the cotton pad on your eye for ten seconds, and then gently sweep the cotton pad along the contours of your eye until all the makeup is gone. The eye area is extremely delicate, so make sure to be as gentle as you can. Rinse away any residue that may still be present from run-off remover.ï_

Deionized water (aqua), dimethicone (and) cyclomethicone, cyclomethicone (and) diemthiconol, glycerine, propylene glycol, dead sea salt ( sal mar), witchhazel (hamamelis virginiana)

3.4 fl oz

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