Spotlite HD DIAMOND Ultra Bright LED Makeup Mirror (5 Variants)


Spotlite HD DIAMOND Ultra Bright LED Makeup Mirror (5 Variants)


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Bad lighting can ruin perfectly good makeup and only bright, true to natural light ensures a flawless look every time!

SPOTLITE HD is the ultimate 5-in-1 lighted makeup mirror designed for REAL makeup fans. It combines 5 tools in 1 while giving you ultra-bright natural daylight that is up to 10X brighter than other lighted makeup mirrors!

With light this bright, there's nowhere for flaws to hide. So, whatever makeup technique you need to pull off, you can do so confident in the knowledge you will end up with the creative masterpiece you intended - not a patchy Monet painting!

_‹¢ Ultra-Bright natural light
_‹¢ Cordless operation with powerful rechargeable Lithium batteries
_‹¢ Premium LEDs that need no replacement
_‹¢ Touch-sensitive dimmable switch
_‹¢ Auto-sensor ON/OFF switch
_‹¢ Non-degrading light that maintains maximum brightness even with low battery
_‹¢ Travel-friendly laptop style with convenient neoprene carrier bag
_‹¢ Removable and magnetic double magnifications in 5X and 10X strengths
_‹¢ Convenient USB charging
_‹¢ Flexible tilt and 360 degrees rotation
_‹¢ Low battery sensor and alert
_‹¢ Integrated storage tray
_‹¢ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
_‹¢ Modern design with stylish diamond pattern and trendy hardware

Wipe with dry cloth.

Plastic, glass, steel

10 x 1.5 x 8.5

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