Stay Confident Underarm Sweat Pads


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Developed to absorb moisture and allow air circulation causing no heat, the Stay Confident Underarm Sweat Pads has excellent absorption power.

Boost your confidence using the Stay Confident Underarm Sweat Pads! It prevents your clothes from any possible stains or perspiration odor.

It includes 10 pairs of self-adhesive, disposable apparel sweat shields that are directly applied onto skin. No more embarrassing sweat spots on any of your clothing. It also protects your clothes from permanent stains and underarm odors, saving you the dry cleaning bill! They're so discreet, you won_‹_t even notice you_‹_re wearing them! Easy underarm protection just for you!

Step 1:
Carefully remove the protection paper off the adhesive.

Step 2:
Stick the larger part of the underarm protector on the side of the clothing that is closest to the body. The smaller part will be stuck to the sleeve of the shirt. Stick it in a way that half of the underarm protector is way above the seam of the sleeve.

Cotton Side: Polypropylene
Plastic Side: Polyethylene


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