The Forever Handmade Rose Petal Teddy Bear w/ Ribbon


(You save 43%)

Give a gift that will last forever!ï_

A gorgeous 14" Teddy Bear made of handmade roses in the most perfectï_ and elegant gift box.

Made from roses that will last forever, each arrangement contains over 520 roses! The roses look completely natural, thrive without water, and the only upkeep needed is to dust them off from time to time.

Forever Teddy Rose is the best way to say I Love You, Thank You, and so much more to your special someone.

Please note: The showcase box ships flat so it stays in pristine condition for that perfect gift!

- The best way to care for your Forever Teddy Rose is to show it some love and it will love you back forever!
- Keep Forever Teddy Rose in a room-temperature environment.
- Clean and take away the dust using cold blow from a hairdryer.
- Forever Teddy Rose do not need water and should not be left in wet spaces or exposed to direct sunlight.

Styrofoam base and synthetic rose petals

14 inches

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