Reverso Tourmaline Clipless Curling Wand - Black


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Introducing Tiri Curls. With a focus on functionality, we've created a smart and stylish solution for achieving healthy, voluminous curls at home or on the go.

Our premium tourmaline clipless wands include a convenient styling glove to help protect new users and avid professionals alike, while our ergonomic design reduces wrist strain & enhances results.

1. Place your Curling Wand on a flat, safe surface and switch it from off to on
2. Brush your hair through with a standard brush while your Cue heats up
3. Take a 1 to 2-inch segment of your hair and twist it around the barrel, holding it for about 10 seconds (the longer you hold, the tighter the curl)
4. Make sure the tip of the barrel is pointed down while curling
5. Release your hair not by pulling on the wand, but by allowing it to gently unravel
6. Curl your hair to preference, wrapping it tightly for tighter curls, or loosely for loose curls
7. For beachy, mermaid curls, brush your fingers through your curls after releasing them

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