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Total White Teeth-Whitening Full Kit

Total White Teeth-Whitening Full Kit

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Improves gum health more than a manual toothbrush.

Ultrasound Vibrations
Brush makes over 15,000 vibration in a minute, helping you to get rid of all contamination. There is 3 different modes of the 360 Sonic Brush so you can take advantage of cleaning, massaging and whitening. Pick your mode and 360 Sonic toothbrush will do the rest.

Gingival massage, restore the pigment in the depths of teeth, quickly cleans stains, effectively removing dirt & dental plaque, promotes blood circulation of the gums, reduces periodontal disease.

Easy Cleaning
Just like a regular toothbrush it is easy to use but this brush has new ultra vibration system with simple 3 step process of cleaning.

Product Health Inspection
The mouth tray is made out of extra soft premium silicone for maximum comfort during the brushing.

• Patented photo catalytic whitening technology paired with patented U-shape toothbrush bristle kills 99.99% of oral bacteria.
• 360° automatic cleaning. 30 seconds quickly whitens & cleans, 3 times cleaner than normal tooth brushing.
• World’s First BASS Qualified & High - tech Automatic Whitening Toothbrush 45-70 radian.
• High grade battery, 30 minutes of wireless charging for 10 days of brushing.
• Note: This toothbrush is used for micro cleaning and whitening, not to replace your daily brushing but to compliment for a deeper clean.

• Waterproof : IPX7 Rated (full waterproof)
• 100% Food-Grade premium silicone
Weight : 120 Gram
• Charging : Comes with charging station and Micro USB
• Battery capacity: 450 mAh
It neutralizers harmful acids before they damage teeth. Penetrates between teeth and along gum line for a deeper clean. Removes more carcinogenic plaque in hard to reach places than regular toothpaste due to it's superior density. Fights and resists the contamination of processed foods. Specifically formulated to work with our V-white 360 toothbrush and it's enhanced Sonic toothbrush


Our specially formulated gel works with IGIA™ Total White to help whiten and brighten your teeth. Idea for red wine drinkers, tea and coffee and smokers. This is the latest in dental health products used around the world using photocatalyst technology. This treatment alone can save you thousands on teeth whitening and hours of your time.

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