Men's Forehead Smoothing Medical Grade Silicone Pads


Men's Forehead Smoothing Medical Grade Silicone Pads


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Here’s what we know about our Men…you get better with age (think George Clooney), you are notoriously relaxed (lazy) with your skincare regime, but…you notice that what comes with your distinguished appearance as you age, is those dreaded forehead wrinkles!

You can’t stop time but you can slow it down with Wrinkles Schminkles Medical Grade Silicone Forehead Pads. Aging, sun exposure, facial expressions and sleeping facedown or on your side can cause frown lines and forehead wrinkles on men and unkempt skin can make you appear older than you are. The daily hustle at the office, weekend benders with your friends, and/or juggling a young family and the mrs, coupled with a lack of sleep will only hasten this aging process.

So you can forget other forehead treatments like botox…by applying the silicone pads adhesive side down, the skin is kept taut so it can't crease or wrinkle, while the healing properties of the medical grade silicone create hydration, moisture and bring blood flow to the surface of the skin, which can help to stimulate collagen.

- 100% Medical Grade Silicone 
- Reusable 20-30 uses 
- Hypoallergenic 
- For Wrinkles, Stretch Marks & Scarring

The Forehead Wrinkle Pads are proven to hydrate the skin on the forehead and help visibly soften and correct lines and wrinkles, so you wake up looking refreshed and ready to tackle

Aside from being super-effective, reusable, and non-invasive, the best part about Wrinkles Schminkles is that these silicone pads literally work overnight. Simply peel, stick, sleep, and wake up to smoother glowing skin and fewer wrinkles.

Results are both immediate after one night’s use and cumulative with continued overnight use.

Step 1. Applying: Before going to bed, simply wash and dry your skin thoroughly – keeping it free of moisturizers and creams. Peel the plastic film from the Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Forehead Pad and apply to the forehead area with the self-adhesive side down.

Step 2. Cleaning: Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Forehead Pads are re-usable but they will begin to lose their adhesiveness after 20-30 uses. When you clean them with our specially-formulated Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution you give them new life – ready to be used again and again (and again).

Step 3. Storing: In the morning, gently peel the Silicone Pad off and stick it, face-down, on the plastic packaging it came in.

NOTE: Beauty sleep isn’t only enjoyed at night time. Use Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Pads - night or day- whenever you have some private time to treat and smooth out your pesky forehead wrinkles.

100% Medical Grade Silicone

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