Blond! Brunette! Redhead! Hair Color Tips for Everyone

Blond! Brunette! Redhead! Hair Color Tips for Everyone

New season, new you, new ‘do! Blondes aren’t the only ones out there having fun. This fall, give your hair color a little pampering with a few healthy hair tips from your BFFs here at BBF. We want you to step into the new season with confidence, and a head full of healthy, shining hair is the best way to do that. Not to mention - it’s easy!

Our Best Beauty Finds hair color tips won’t take more than five extra minutes. You don’t need to wake up earlier to take extra care of your hair, even after you color it. A few minutes is all you need to give your hair some pampering and promote healthy hair growth. These products make everyday hair care quick and simple, and we’ve got a few quick tips for when and how to use them:

BBF do’s & don’ts for healthy hair growth:

  • Don’t wash your hair every day. After coloring your hair, daily washes can dry out and damage hair because so many shampoos have sulfates in them. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo for healthy hair like this Awapuhi conditioning shampoo from Brazilian Tech.
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair. When your hair is wet, the cuticles around the follicles are weakened and will break easily. Sleeping on wet hair, tangling it up, and then combing it out in the morning will damage hair and thin it out. Always blow-dry your hair on an average-to-low heat setting before sleeping or styling. 
  • Do use product on damp hair. Mousse, thickening sprays, and hair masques work best when applied to damp hair. After dying your hair, spray an Awapuhi Thickening Spray at your roots and gently work it down the length of your hair with your fingers. It’s a quick, healthy way to give your hair back its natural thickness while adding volume that isn’t stiff.
  • Do apply a hair masque after coloring your hair, especially if you color your hair regularly. Hair masques can revitalize your hair and brighten your color, and they only take fifteen minutes. Adding a hair masque to your beauty routine once a month will repair damaged hair and promote healthy hair growth throughout dye treatments.

Now that you know how to keep your hair healthy and what products to use, it’s time to have some real fun! Your hair color should represent your personality, so what color are you thinking of? A ruby red? A smoldering brunette? An icy blond?

No matter which look you’re going for this season, there are beauty tips for you. The Best Beauty Finds squad scoured the internet for the best hair color inspo of the season, and our curated list of hair color tips will help you pick out the best look:

Brunettes get more than highlights

Brown hair is anything but boring! The only brown hair color tips worth following are the ones that emphasize your natural color. This fall, give your brown hair an ombre that lifts your hair just 2 or 3 shades lighter. Ombre is the anti-highlights. It’s not bright at all. It’s a gentle fade of color that naturally follows the length of your hair, lifting your ends to a soft shade that warms your whole complexion.

Balayage is another way to highlight brown hair and use more color. The stylist will sweep the color from the top of your head to the ends, with the balayage progressively getting brighter through the length of your hair. This is the ideal hair color tip for anyone wanting to add a depth of color to their brown locks. A blond balayage can brighten up your look, while a sweep of ruby red or magenta will make a bolder statement.

Blondes go for gold and honey

This time of year is all about getting warm and cozy, so Best Beauty Finds is endorsing golden and honey blondes this season. These warmer blondes are a little darker than their platinum counterparts, but they’re so much easier to maintain. You can choose to go golden blonde with a hair color that’s closer to your natural color. This way, the golden color can play on the warm tones of a natural brunette or bring out the rosy tone of a natural redhead.

If you want a more honey-blonde hair color, ask your stylist to add a blond highlight or balayage to your new blond style. This will give it that signature sun-kissed look.

For the girls out there dying their hair at home, our biggest hair color tip for blondes is to leave an inch or so of hair at the root. This will protect your scalp from the bleach and will also make it easier for you to blend and maintain your blonde color. We also recommend that you use a hair masque a few days after dying your hair. If you’re using bleach, pamper your hair with a masque like Hairfinity’s strengthening amino hair masque to revitalize your hair and give it back some of the moisture it lost during the treatment.

Redheads shine bright with jewel tones

The best part of choosing a red hair color is that there are so many tones to choose from! A light auburn color feels like fall and looks great on fair complexions. Copper reds come with a crave-worthy metallic look that looks amazing on everyone. But if you really want to make a statement this season, go with a jewel tone. Burgundy, mahogany, and ruby reds are as decadent as chocolate cakes and shine as bright as jewels.

Dark red hair colors are easy to do at home, too, even if you’re putting it on top of highlights or a balayage. The red tone will pick up on these different shades and reflect naturally in the light. The best hair color tip for redheads is to touch up your roots lightly while saturating the length and the ends of your hair as dark as you want. The darker you go, the more depth you bring to your hair … if you dare!

These tips for healthy hair growth are for all hair colors. Dying your hair doesn’t have to mean damaging your hair. If you want to change your hair color this season, Best Beauty Finds is here to help. Keep the Best Beauty Finds do’s and don’ts in mind before and after you dye your hair so you can prevent any unnecessary damage.

No matter how many hair colors you try this season, maintain your healthy ‘do with a complete hair therapy set. It comes with shampoos and conditioners designed to bring the moisture and nourishment back to your hair. It’s time to look and feel your best, and the easiest way to do that is with a healthy head of hair that’s rocking your favorite color!

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