The Must Have Accessories for Fall 2019

The Must Have Accessories for Fall 2019

With cooler nights, less sunshine, and back-to-school in full swing, it’s time to put away the tanning lotions and get excited about the new season’s trends.

While it may be sad to say goodbye to bare legs and shoulders, don’t despair! The newest accessory trends à la Queen Bey and the Fashion Bible of Lizzo are here to dress up sweaters, jeans, and cardigans for the waning summer. 

Whether you’re bold, sustainable, chic, or just trying to stay summery as long as possible, check out this list for accessories fit for every fall occasion.

Shop the sustainable

Maybe you’ve popped through Berlin, London, Los Angeles, and New York and seen hundreds of “vegan options available” signs, or perhaps you’ve been switching to flexitarian, like Bey, vegetarian, or veganism to try it out. Whatever your interaction, long gone are the days of lettuce salads as the “vegan option” and leather everything as a sign of luxury.

In a world where we’re prepping to feed 10 billion people, a 2019 report from the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Health planned a diet for a sustainable and populous future.

It’s not just diets that are changing. Sustainability today is using minerals, not chemicals in makeup. It is saying no to animal products added to everyday products, and freeing our lives from cruelty to animals.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or beginner, sustainable vegan accessories are all the rage this fall.

Gearing up for back to school or a fall trip? This vegan leather cosmetics case with a detachable zipper pouch has you covered for all your makeup and powder room needs. 

Even though it’s fall, bringing the beach to the office or back to school is a must, and easy to do with a 100% vegan sea salt hair mist with UV protection. This mist will keep you protected from the waning summer UV waves and let you hold onto your summer hair for just a bit longer. Plus, sea salt gives even the flattest hair some bounce.

Looking to bring sustainability to all your accessories? Check out all the vegan options at Best Beauty Finds.

Smizing (smiling with your eyes) all the time

Anyone who has lost their sunglasses on a sunny day knows how absolutely essential they are to protect your eyes. They are not just for your safety but also the safety of others who you might run into while shielding your eyes from the sun.

Bold sunglasses are all the rage, just like Lizzo who is an absolute trailblazer in glam eyewear. But stepping out of the sun, no one wants to have to pull a Keanu Reeves from the Matrix, wearing sunglasses outside and inside. 

To look your best as the sun gets weaker, it’s all about the eyes this fall!

Say no to start-of-term, sleep-deprived puffy eyes with a re-texturizing eye cream with Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea’s high mineral content is known the world over for skin-soothing properties. Even Cleopatra is known to have used Dead Sea mud wraps to maintain her beauty and bright skin.

Sometimes eyes need more than just brightening — they actually need replenishment. Take some time to treat yourself with a collagen replenish eye mask. Collagen is a protein that maintains the structural integrity of connective tissues in the body, i.e. it is the main ingredient sealing in youth and smooth skin. 

Reduce your under-eye puffiness and make your eyes shine, sunglasses or not!

Let boldness take your career to the next level 

Fall is the season for changes. As the leaves begin to turn and the air gets cooler, it’s easy to fall into greys and blacks as a fall and winter wardrobe.

How to beat it? Be bold.

Intrepid confidence means taking risks and thinking outside the box. In a study from 2017 by Joseph Folkman, he found that the boldest 35% of workplace leaders were much more effective than their less bold counterparts.

At work, a bit of pluckiness can help get you noticed in a sea of sameness. Bold can be taking an extra five minutes to help a co-worker on a project past the deadline. It can mean volunteering for a new project or even asking for a raise. Temerariousness will help you achieve your goals.

Don’t just act the part, look it too with shine, color, and a touch of femininity.

Start with lit skin, as if you’re glowing from the inside out. The 3-piece dust set from Le Maquillage, including the Diamond Brightening Cream, is the first step toward getting your glow on. We’re all looking to simplify our skincare and makeup routine. This set is a perfect option. It comes with one applicator brush, which attaches perfectly to each of the sparkly dusts. Plus, the Diamond cream is specifically designed to make your skin sparkle like a diamond. 

For the rest of your body, try a gold-infused body scrub. Scrubs brush away dull, dead skin and with 24k gold as a main ingredient of the scrub, lit skin can be yours. 

Feeling dull at the end of the day? Pick up a facial mist with rose water for added brightness and a soft rose scent.

Treat your BFF, the number one lifetime accessory

The definition of an accessory, according to Merrimack-Webster, is an object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else. 

Life alone is no fun and partners aside; the real life-long partner-in-crime is a best friend. Treat her, and yourself, to a Best Beauty Finds beauty box.

These boxes bring together a powerhouse of accessories designed to work together and enhance your natural beauty.

Is your Mom your best friend? Well, hook her up with an Anti-Aging BBF box. In this box, you’ll find a skin serum to supercharge her skin, a mud mask for extra pampering, a 24k gold night treatment, and more. Mom will definitely be catching all the feels and feeling pampered from head-to-toe.

As the weather dries out, it’s the hydrating BBF box that can rescue your skin. With a collagen facial mask, a highly concentrated hand cream, body cream, and face cream, you’ll be sporting flake-free skin from head to toe.

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