The Latest in Hair Tools from Fusion Technology

The Latest in Hair Tools from Fusion Technology

No one wants damage to their hair when we're trying to make it look good. Tools that torture rather than treat are a thing of the past though. If you're looking for an iron or straightener to give you better and healthier results, consider this:

  • Fusion® shows significantly better performance and consistency in independent tests against peers
  • Fusion coating is tough, impermeable and thermally stable as ceramic yet provides inertness and nonstick properties of polymer
  • Unique and currently used only by those in the professional beauty industry

Green by Design

  • Fusion is totally free of any PTFE and PFOA—two ingredients which
    caused negative publicity for Teflon and other nonstick applications.
  • Fusion is the only sol-gel nonstick that is EU and FDA approved for food contact.
  • It is the ONLY sol-gel ceramic nonstick coating in the industry to achieve that distinction.
  • The green leaf lets consumers know you care about their hair and their health

A twist on haircare. EOS styling irons and wands feature a unique nonstick ceramic composite: Fusion Hair and styling products will not stick to the plates, reducing damage to the hair. And when heated, negative ions are released to make hair smoother, softer. 

Another benefit? Chemical-free cleaning and sterilization—a plus for stylists and spa owners concerned with cross-contamination.

fusion layers

Nonstick FUSION© Ceramic
BExtra-Strong Abrasion Resistance Primer
CReinforced Aluminum Plates


Best Beauty Finds has a wide array of the finest in flat irons for your hair, whether it's normal, damaged or already looking its finest. 

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