Our New Fall Beauty Box and a Few Other Favorites

Our New Fall Beauty Box and a Few Other Favorites

Beauty boxes, fitness boxes, celebrating my singleness boxes, there seems to be a box for just about everything these days. The question is no longer to subscribe or not to subscribe. It seems to be a matter of which one to subscribe to! If you’re going to invest in a box of any kind, it might as well be a box that caters to your particular needs and one that doesn’t require a subscription. 

To understand why I am now an avid Best Beauty Finds Beauty Box lover, let me tell you a little story about how I once had to survive a Michigan winter with only care packages from my mother and dollar store foundation to keep me beautified.

Beauty Boxes are the new Care Package

Once upon a time, there was a young California girl who made the crazy-impulsive decision to move to Michigan to go to graduate school (alright, it wasn’t that impulsive, it was an amazing school, an even better scholarship opportunity, and Go Wolverines!). This cuckoo Californian didn’t know a single person in the Wolverine State other than her Master’s Advisor, and also didn’t have a car. This was before the blissful days of Uber and Lyft. 

I’m not sure if you know this, but it snows in Michigan. A lot. Walking to the store in the dead of winter wasn’t really an option unless you wanted to turn into a grad-student popsicle. If the crazy Californian wanted beauty products, she either had to wait for her mother to send her a care package and pray that her mom picked all of the right products, or she took the hour-long bus trip (one-way) to the nearest mall to get basic beauty supplies. On one desperate afternoon, she had to purchase a foundation from the corner Dollar Store. It did not end well.  

If Beauty Boxes filled with amazing beauty products for incredibly discounted prices had existed at that time, I would have been the first to sign up for one. Rather than having to wait for a care package that might not have exactly what I needed, I could have been getting quality products from amazing brands. 

Best Beauty Finds offers some of the best subscription boxes on the market, and I personally can’t wait for my Beauty Box to arrive.

Falling for fall packages

There’s something about packages waiting for you on your doorstep that reminds me of fall. Perhaps it’s a simple reminder that we’re that much closer to the winter holidays. If you’re thinking of treating yourself or a loved one to a BBF Beauty Box, be sure to check out the newest addition to our BBF Box Collection. Ladies and gentlemen, just like fall, our Fall BBF Beauty Box is here, and it is a definite must-have for this season.

I have it on excellent authority that the BBF Fall Beauty Box is going to blow the Pumpkin Spice Latte off your to-buy list. This Box has everything you need to stay pampered through the fall season. Nail polish, Body Butter, Tinted Lip Balms, and, of course, Face Masks. The Fall Beauty Box features some of Best Beauty Finds’ most beloved brands, including Sky Organics and Martinni Beauty. If you’ve been itching to try Beyond the Soap’s Flawless Veil Beauty Balm Stem Cell Serum or want some free samples of La Roche Posay & Vichy, then the Fall Beauty Box is for you. And you can have it all for just $29.99.

A budget-friendly box

Getting beauty products should never, ever break the bank. One should be allowed to treat themselves to luscious skin products without having to spend a week’s worth of pay. Enter the Beauty on a Budget Box. This incredible box offers you incredible beauty products for the shockingly low price of $24.99. For the same price as grabbing dinner and drinks, you can get the Resque Facial Antioxidant Rejuvenating Peel, PRESTIGE’s Natural Aloe Vera Gel, Collagen Replenishing Eye Mask, Drops of Crystal Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil, and Lip Balms in four different colors.

I think I’ve paid $30 for collagen eye masks alone, so to get a rejuvenating face mask and four tinted lip balms feels like a big beauty bang for my buck. Bi-Phase Oil is a wonder tincture, meant to brighten and plump your skin, giving you a gorgeously radiant complexion. If you’re looking to treat yourself without worrying about your wallet, the Beauty on a Budget Box is the care package for you.

Officially breaking up with break-outs

“It’s not you, it’s me. I just don’t feel like myself when you come around. You’re putting a major cramp on my inner-glow lifestyle.” This would be the breakup text I would send to acne if my acne had a phone number. Whenever breakouts happen, I’m willing to spend anything and everything on any number of products that might potentially reduce the unsightly bumps that spring up around my T-Zone.

Rather than go on a shopping spree whenever a breakout occurs, why not invest in one beauty box with multiple acne-fighting products? The Pore/Acne BBF Box is your one-stop-shop — I mean, box — for battling unsightly blemishes. The box comes complete with cleanser, face clay, exfoliating foam, my favorite African Black Soap, and a primer. For the startlingly low price of $29.99, you get the Essential Facial Cleanser with Hydrating Jojoba Oil-Honey, Anti-Acne AHA Cleansing and Exfoliating Foam, Indian Healing Skin Detox Bentonite Clay, African Black Raw & Unrefined Soap Block for Acne, and the API Refine Flawless Primer by Manuka Doctor. These products have a combined retail value of $188.54. This box will help reduce oil build-up on your face, fighting acne from your head to the bottom of your back.

No love better than self-love

One of the greatest things I remember about getting care packages from home was that they were sent with love from my mom. She would include small, silly things that served no other function than to make me smile. My mom once sent me a unicorn-decorated coffee mug, a bag of my favorite brand of coffee, and some fun bath bombs because she knew it was finals week. She wanted to make sure that I was caffeinated and comfy. 

Beauty Boxes are care packages that you get to send to yourself, so why not try a Self Care BBF Beauty Box? This box includes Organic Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask, Castor Oil Eyelash Cold-Pressed Growth Serum with brush applicators, some 4-in-1 Deep Sea Green Tea Collagen Eye Renewal Patches, Fast-Drying nail polishes in the “Meet Me at the Carribean” color-line, Morganite Gemstone Soap with a Luxury Ring Surprise, and Lemon Blueberry Nourishing Rainbow Sorbet Salt Scrub. I would seriously get this box just for the rainbow salt scrub. Everyone needs more rainbows in their life. 

All of these amazing products can be part of your self-care routine for a mere $39.99. You can’t even get a single massage for that price. If you’re going to treat yourself to some self-care supplies, you might as well get a box-worth.

With the Fall Beauty Box, the Budget-Friendly Beauty Box, the Acne/Pore Beauty Box, and so many more beauty boxes to choose from, the only question remaining is: which box will you be treating yourself to this fall?
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