The Must-Have Hair Trends & Looks from Fashion Week

The Must-Have Hair Trends & Looks from Fashion Week

Fall fashion week came, saw, and conquered. While all and sundry are looking to see which shades of plaid to wear with their “witch” boots — honestly, my favorite fall trend to hit the shoe scene since blanket-sized scarves — hair trends to try out for the fall and winter months were also making their mark on the runway.

From oversized hair accessories to 80s-esque crimped hair, Fall Fashion Week was all about the bold when it came to hair. Audiences were treated to extreme updos and models putting what looked like white-out in their hair. Thom Browne’s models vogued their way down the runway sporting white wigs Marie Antoinette would have lost her head over, while Dries Van Noten put neon feathers in his models’ hair. 

Pearl hair accessories were central to designers Simone Rocha — Queen of the ultra-feminine design, who adorned her models in opulent pearl and diamond crowns — and Andrew GN, who wove pearls of varying sizes into braids and at the roots of his models’ hair. Other designers, such as Balmain and Agnona opted for models to wear their hair in loose waves as if they had simply allowed their hair to air-dry.

Whether you want to try crimping and teasing your hair, or maybe add some fun, over-sized accessories to your updo, Fall Fashion Week certainly gave me an idea or two about what I need to add to my hair repertoire.

Ribbons remain all the rage

Ribbons are a wonderful and easy way to instantly glam up any ordinary updo. Ponytail: tie a ribbon around the ponytail tie. Feel like braiding your hair? Braid a ribbon into the ‘do. Not sure which size ribbon to use? Try them all. Antonio Marras wove a thin burgundy ribbon into his models' simple pigtail braids, while Erdem used a thick black ribbon to tie off a model’s simple, single plait, making her look like a bandolero. Jonathan Cohen took a silk scarf, tied it around the ponytail holder of a model, and then proceeded to braid the scarf into the ponytail. 

One of the great things about using a ribbon or a scarf on a simple updo is that you do not have to use a heated tool in order to add some flare to your hair. Over-heating your hair can be seriously damaging to your strands, especially in the dry winter months. Giving your hair a break from the heat is a good way to help protect your hair. Try putting your hair into a simple braid or ponytail once or twice a week, add a ribbon to give it a little something extra.

To ensure that your hair is nice and nourished as it is styled, be sure to add a styling cream that nourishes your hair while it controls random fly-aways. Premier’s Age-Defying Argan Styling Cream is perfect for styling your hair, especially on second- or third-day hair. This non-greasy styling cream enriches your hair with Dead Sea minerals and argan oils, extending your hair’s life in between trims. The Argan Styling Cream will give your hair some extra shine and extra elasticity, and the best part: it’s light enough to use on a daily basis. Simply put a pea-sized amount onto your palms and work it through dry hair before styling.

Crimps, curls, and color, oh my!

Designers like Ottolinger and Ermanno Scervino opted for true ‘40s-style pin curls. Jeremy Scott went for teased, 80’s-tastic, crimped hair. Anna Sui’s models had lightly tousled beach-bum hair. Noon By Noor and Victoria Beckham styled their models’ hair in simple, twisted updos which look like they could actually be easily replicated, even if you don’t have a background in hair design.

When it comes to styling your hair, whether it’s for a night out on the town with friends or throwing it in a simple bun for running errands, you need to make sure you’re caring for your hair throughout the styling process — a process that begins with your shampoo. Shampoo is an incredibly personal purchase. Every person’s hair is different and has different treatment needs.

I have slightly wavy, medium length, color-treated hair that tends to be on the oilier side. Since discovering dry shampoo, I’ve been able to lengthen the time between complete hair washes from one day to three days, four if I’ve skipped working out or am being super lazy. While allowing my hair to stew in its own natural oils is incredibly beneficial, you have to wash your hair at some point, if only to get your hair smelling nice again.

Since you have to wash your hair anyway, why not use a shampoo that helps to strengthen your hair? The Scalp Stimulating Argan Shampoo Treatment for Thinning Hair by Premier is perfect for people who love to style their hair. Why you may ask? Simple! The shampoo contains Dead Sea minerals and argan oil. This combination helps protect hair against breakage, leaving you with fuller, stronger, and better-balanced hair. Even more exciting, the shampoo is currently on sale for $18.99, 53 percent off of its normal selling price.

Moisturize, style, rinse, repeat

One of the fall styles I’m most excited to try is using over-sized pearl clips with simple, straight hair. Another style I’m saving for a night out with my girl-squad is overly-teased, crimped hair with this fun, floral-patterned, headband. I wish that I could rock the jewel crowns that Khaite’s models wore on their heads, but I feel like those would just fall right off the second that I started walking. 

However you choose to style your hair this fall, remember to protect your hair. If you’re going to style your hair with a heated tool, be sure to use a hair serum prior to turning on that crimping iron. Hair serum is like putting on sunscreen before a day in the sun. It’s a common-sense care step that you might be skipping! Don’t! 

Serum helps provide an extra layer of moisture, coating your hair and protecting it from heat and potential breakage. This is especially important if you’re in-between trims. Split ends can wreck any hair-do, giving you extra frizz and messy looking ends. Premier has the solution: Age-Defying Hair Complex for Split Ends. This argan oil helps fight dryness in your hair and can help your hair regain a healthy, not oily, shine. To use, simply put two to five drops onto your fingertips and massage it gently into your hair down to the ends of your hair.

I personally prefer to add argan oil post blow-dry, pre-curling iron; however, argan oil can be used on wet or dry hair, so it’s all up to you, the hairstylist! 

So, now that you have some great serum and shampoo, which fall hair trends are you most excited to try?! Give us a shout @bestbeautyfindsclub and show us your fall style.

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