Top Tips to Tone Up Your Lip Game

Top Tips to Tone Up Your Lip Game

Tantalizing Orange, Fantasist, Devilish Rose, or Amorist. No, these aren’t band-name suggestions or even the new names for Crayola Crayons. They are names describing the colors of the various shades of lipstick on Best Beauty Finds

Lipstick is a great way to easily make a statement with your makeup. If you want to feel fierce or bold, go with a classic blue-red. Feeling a bit moody or mysterious: wine-stained red. If, on that rare occasion you want your makeup to be understated, but like you’re still making a bit of an effort, wear lipstick in the shade of blush or light rose. Regardless of the shade that you wear, lipstick is a great way to tie a look together. 

With so many different shades of red, one of the most difficult decisions for any makeup shopper is to pick a specific shade of lipstick. One would think it would be fairly straight forward: red is red, pink is pink, and orange is orange. Pick one that you like and stick with it, right? Wrong! There is blue-red, purple-red, orange-red, every undertone color you can think of red. These undertones look better on certain people due to their skin tone; and there are times when we have extreme tone-envy. 

We all have that one friend. The friend that can wear the most beautiful shades of pink lipstick. Pink lipstick with berry undertones, pink lipstick with rose undertones, they can even pull off bubblegum pink. You want to hate her since she can pull off those amazing colors, but ultimately lipstick-related envy is no reason to end a friendship. Besides, there are colors that you’ll be able to wear that she can’t.

The reason why we all have certain shades of lipstick that look better on us than others? Your skin’s undertone. The good news? You can still wear pink lipstick, red lipstick, any shade of lipstick; you just need to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone. Not sure which skin tone you have? No problem! Below is an easy go-to guide for discovering your skin’s undertone and which shades will look best on you.

Lipstick isn’t undertone deaf

Have you ever noticed when you use a sampler lipstick in a makeup shop how you put the lipstick on your wrist or the back of your hand? There are two reasons as to why you do this: 1) it’s way more hygienic than putting the sample lipstick directly on your lips. Seriously, do you know how many people have used that thing?! 2) The back of your hand and your wrist are the easiest places to see your veins. 

Wait, we’re talking about lipstick and skin undertones here. Why are my veins important? It turns out that the color of your veins is the easiest way to determine what your skin undertone is. Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath your skin, and this undertone will help determine which color palettes will look best on you. 

But veins are always blue, you may be thinking. Not true. Take a good look at your wrist, look at the most prominent veins. Are they slightly green looking? Not hulk green, but deep green. Or are they more blue? Green veins mean that you have warm undertones, blue veins indicate cool undertones. Do your veins look more like a blue-green combo? That means that you have more neutral undertones. 

People with cool undertones are more likely to have fair skin, like my friend with all of the pink lipstick. Silver jewelry looks really good on people with cool undertones. Those with warm undertones usually have a golden or olive complexion, and they can really rock gold jewelry. And some of us have a mixture of both, making us neutral and able to wear all of the jewelry! Now that you’ve checked out your veins, it’s time to pick a lipstick.

Finding your lipstick soulmate

For our cool undertoned beauties, you’ll want to look for lipsticks that also have cool undertones. What is a cool undertone in red, you ask? A cool lipstick will have blue- or purple-shaded undertones. For example, if you’re looking for red lipstick, avoid reds with shades of orange, and look for deep, bluish reds. Cool undertones can also pull off a true baby pink shade, so if you’re feeling like mixing it up a bit, go for a fun magenta pink.

Warm undertoned glamazons, like their name suggests, can rock the warm shades of lipstick. Think fiery red and shades of orange. Feeling like wearing a bit of fuchsia? Go for it, my golden-hued girls. Deep skin tones simply look radiant in bright colors, so don’t be afraid to go for a show-stopping, electric color; especially when it comes to shades of pink. Looking for something in the red family? Stick to the shades of orange-red, they’ll bring out the warmth in your skin.

Where are the neutral undertones at?! Those of us with neutral undertones don’t really have to worry about finding the perfect hue to complement our skin tone; however, deeper tones tend to look best. Think the bluest of reds, pinks that lean more towards caramel, or the palest of nudes for a subtle look. If you want to pull out all of the stops, go for a reddish-pink. If you feel like dressing for the season, blue-reds are simply a classic shade for fall.

Gloss, balm, or matte?

You’ve got your skin undertone, you’ve selected a hue, now you’re ready to purchase. Cailyn Cosmetics has 24 shades of luscious lipsticks, with such names as Narcissist, Fauvist, and Fabulist. Honestly, it can be really fun to pick a shade of lipstick based purely on the name. How can you not love a shade called “Corruptionist”?! 

The Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint Lip Glosses are waterproof, non-sticky, and give you a matte finish in a single stroke for the perfect pop of color. The only problem with this lip gloss? You might want to choose more than one! Fortunately, Best Beauty Finds sells these kissable colors in sets of three as well! The perfect set for anyone who likes to have a bit of choice when it comes to their lipstick shade. 

Cailyn Cosmetics also offers 12 fun shades in Art Touch Tinted Glosses, a lip gloss with high color pigments. Looking for a lip stain? No, not something you spill on your lips. A lip stain is like a mask that is applied to your lips and peeled off once it’s dry, leaving your lips hydrated and stained with a color that lasts for up to 10 hours. If this sounds like a fun way to try lip color, try the Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain.

If you want to give your lips a bit of a break from makeup, but still want a bit of color, Sky Organics has the perfect solution for you. Their Organic Supple Lips Tinted Lip Balms come in a 4-pack, offering the user a bit of a natural hint of color and just a splash of shimmer. Made with beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils, these lip balms are the perfect way to hydrate your lips while still giving them a bit of “oomph.”

The most important thing to remember when picking out a lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss? Just do you. If you like coral but aren’t sure if it’s compatible with your skin undertone, just try it on! You’ll either like it, or you won’t. We all feel our prettiest when we feel confident, so pick a color that just makes you feel like you.

Show us your beautiful shades @bestbeautyfindsclub, and let’s be beautifully radiant together!

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