Look Out! Exciting New Product Alert Happening Right Now

Look Out! Exciting New Product Alert Happening Right Now

The weather is starting to change. You’ve already refreshed your wardrobe, why not refresh your beauty routine? Best Beauty Finds just happened to find some brand new beauty products, and we’re bringing them to you just in time to amp up your daily routine. These exciting new products are here right now, and we’ve got a few favorites picked out for you.

If you’re looking for something new, check out our list of new arrivals right here. There’s something for everyone, from skincare to bath bombs to brand new infused tea flavors. No matter what change you’re looking to take on this season, there’s a best beauty find waiting to be found BY YOU! 

Not sure where to start? Scroll down now to take a look at our favorite new products!

We know the new O! Wow Miracle Booster Serum from Cailyn Cosmetics is bound to inspire you to shine, no matter what time of day it is. But it isn’t the only new beauty product we’re excited about. Keep reading to find out more about what new products are happening right now and which ones we’re most excited to get in your hands next:

Our NEW Best Beauty Find is nothing short of a miracle

Cailyn Cosmetics is one of our favorite new beauty finds, and Cailyn’s O! Wow Miracle Booster Serum is a big, big reason why. If ever there was luxury for your skin, this serum is it. It’s designed to sit weightlessly on your face as it penetrates deep into your skin protecting it from cell and sun damage. It’s nutrients come from your favorite flowers, including rose, hibiscus, and even peach. All of them work together to restore your skin and boost its natural radiance. 

If you want younger-looking skin, use this Miracle Booster as a primer before you apply your makeup. It creates the softest, smoothest base for your foundation and evens out your skin tone all at the same time. Using it in the morning means it will work to protect your skin all day long. 

But the O! Wow Miracle Booster Serum isn’t just for daytime use. There are so many ways to use this serum. We love it because it fits in with any and all beauty routines. Try it out after washing your face at night before bed as a skin-firming night serum, or apply a drop or two in the morning after your shower to keep your face glowing all day long. After using this Miracle Booster for a few days, we guarantee you’ll be saying oh wow! every time you walk past a mirror!

Bring on the WOW factor with O! Wow Foundation

To bring an even bigger wow factor to your beauty routine, try the O! Wow Foundation by Cailyn Cosmetics. It’s uniquely formulated texture adapts to any skin tone to even out dark spots and cover blemishes. And forget about the shine! This foundation settles in with a soft, semi-matte finish that lets your natural glow shine through without an oily finish.

This isn’t like your typical foundation, either. It feels so natural and lightweight that it’s really more like a second skin. And it’s even water-resistant, meaning you can work hard, play hard, sweat hard, and still have perfect looking skin all day long. Check out Cailyn’s Instagram for cool tricks and tips on how to apply and use the new O! Wow Foundation and get a closer look at some of their other products you can find at Best Beauty Finds. 

Best Beauty Finds — A brand new way to clean your face!

When it comes to removing that water-resistant makeup, you can’t just use any old washcloths and soaps. That’s why this microfiber makeup removal cloth by Elite Models is one of our favorite new products. The cloth’s super tiny, super soft microfibers easily latch onto makeup and dead skin washing it all away. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin but powerful enough to clean skin and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. No matter what the day throws at you, you can put your best face forward.

To use, add water and your favorite facial cleanser, then massage gently with the cloth using small, upward circular motions. Rinse your face and rinse out the cloth with soap and water. Let it air dry. You don’t want to put the makeup removal cloth in the washer as it will alter the microfibers and affect its ability to remove makeup and clean your face.

Kiss dry skin goodbye with these NEW Best Beauty Finds

After washing your face is one of the best times to use the new O! Wow Miracle Booster Serum. Seriously, we can’t stop talking about this beauty product. It’s so good for your skin we wish we would have found it sooner! Using facial serums on a freshly cleaned face means your pores are open and the serum can sink even deeper into your skin and really get to work. 

You always want to apply your facial serums before your moisturizer, and Cailyn Cosmetics is offering a new hydrating cream to nourish your skin.  The R2M Silk Intense Hydration Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that acts as a natural barrier for your skin. It softens skin with a silky Cocoon Willow Complex, and seals in the moisture with a little help from the Swift Nest Extract and Snail Secretion Filtrate, two all-natural skin barriers that work to protect skin from the hazards in our everyday environment. Just a dime-sized amount is all it takes to moisturize your face and leave you with a silky smooth finish. 

Don’t miss out on these brand new Best Beauty Finds!

The new product alert is happening right now at www.BestBeautyFinds.com. Don’t forget to check out the new arrivals as we find them, but be sure to shop now before these brand new beauty finds start to sell out. Drop us a line @bestbeautyfindsclub and let us know which new product is your new favorite.

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