The Five Best Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

The Five Best Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms


The school year is approaching. Moms everywhere are packing lunches and prepping their families for track meets, carpools, sleepovers, and everything else. But we want to make sure you’re looking out for yourself too, Mom.

Mindful moments can be few and far between when you’re a busy mom, but finding time to invest in yourself and the way you feel can make a huge difference. Being beautiful is all about taking care of yourself — inside and out. And no one deserves a little time to take care of themselves more than a mom!

That’s why we put together this list of the five best beauty hacks for busy moms. They’re like the five simple rules every mom should follow so she can feel beautiful and balanced. Don’t worry, we don’t want to throw you off your schedule. These beauty life hacks will fit easily into any routine and still give you that pampered feeling. So go ahead, try them out!

#1 Master the low maintenance hairstyle. 

Everyone needs a signature look, and low maintenance is key. Whether you rock a top knot, beachy waves, or maybe a perky pixie cut — if it’s your favorite look, master it. That way, when you’re getting ready in the morning or right out of the shower, your hair routine will be locked in and will only take you ten minutes or less to style.

For busy moms who want to keep their waves and long hair, we found a sea salt hair mist made with quinoa and sunflower seeds that maintains your hair’s bouncy texture while also protecting it from the sun. Just spritz Fuel’s Sea Salt Mist into damp or wet hair and give it a little twist and scrunch. This beauty hack will help your hair keep its mermaid glow all day without taking any damage from the sun.

#2 Keep nails healthy on-the-go.

Going polish free can be the way to go for busy moms. You won’t have to worry about chipping off colored polish. Plus clear coat nail polish can protect your nails from cracks and breaks. But on-the-go nail care doesn’t mean mom can’t feel beautiful. It also doesn’t require an hour at the salon either. Perfect nail care is possible in three simple steps: growth booster, nail color, and top coat.

The Perfect Nail Growth Collection starts with a coat of the nail growth booster, a combination of seaweed extract, marine minerals, and silicium to strengthen nails. Then apply your color. For busy moms on-the-go, you can skip the color and immediately apply the topcoat. This will give your nails a natural shine that hardens to protect the fingernail and growth booster underneath. 


#3 Always accessorize with something functional.

Women on-the-go have very little space to spare, and busy moms have even less. But the baby bag can still hold a few of mom’s favorite beauty hacks. Our favorite on-the-go accessories are tinted chapsticks that moisturize while providing a hint of color, and this D24K glossy lip plumper does just that and brings fullness to your lips with just one quick application. Brightening up your face has never been this easy!

Mom can brighten up her whole look with the Spotlite LED Makeup Mirror, too. It’s perfect for any busy moms traveling by plane or who simply don’t have time to leave the office to freshen up. Get perfect lighting anywhere for a quick five minutes to reshape your eyebrows or for any look you’re trying to pull off. The Spotlite is ten times brighter than other lighted makeup mirrors and can fit easily in a purse or briefcase, so you can have natural daylight whenever or wherever you may be.

#4 Don’t forget to wash your face. 

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the day (and night) can run away from us, and we want nothing more than to crawl into the warm comfort of our big ol’ bed. But if you want to put your best face forward in the morning, then never forget to wash your face before bed.

Moms with precious few hours to sleep can clean up quickly with a makeup cleansing balm like this one from Cailyn Cosmetics. The Dizzolv’it cleansing balm literally melts away the makeup and grime of the day without drying out your skin. The balm responds to your natural body temperature, melting into a velvety liquid that cleanses and rinses away any dirt and makeup left on your face. It can even clean up waterproof sunscreen and foundation! Simply apply a little balm to dry skin, massage gently in a circular motion, and rinse away with warm water. It won’t take longer than five minutes and your face will thank you for it in the morning. 

#5 Pamper yourself with coconut oil before bed (at least once a week).

The final and most important beauty hack for busy moms is one you don’t even have to do every day. Using coconut oil just once a week is enough to leave skin (and hair!) feeling soft and smooth for days. Coconut oil can also help relieve rashes or other rough patches of skin and help moisturize and repair dry or damaged hair.

If your hair needs a little extra love and you don’t have a lot of time, try this beauty hack: DIY Lavender Coconut Oil Hair Mask. This DIY beauty kit from Best Beauty Finds gives you everything you need to create your own hair mask with coconut oil to moisturize and detangle and lavender oil to soothe and relax. Mom, you can even ask the kids to help you make your hair mask, turning this beauty hack into something the whole family can enjoy. 

Family is important to mom, and we don’t want to take away from the time you get to spend together. But she needs some time for herself too, and that’s why these five beauty hacks were designed specifically for busy moms.

 A few minutes every day is all you need to look and feel your best, and you should never hesitate to take a few minutes for yourself, Mom. After all, you deserve it!

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