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Colour Shield Body - Airbrush Perfector 100ml

Colour Shield Body - Airbrush Perfector 100ml

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Airbrush perfector for the body evens skin tone and adds a subtle, healthy glow. The first-of-its kind clean formula with innovative color-adapting pigments and protective skincare benefits provides a natural, velvet-like finish that wears all day thanks to its water & transfer-resistant properties.

PERFECTS with Special Effect Pigments combined with Advanced Colour Pigments for a luminous, natural finish.

PROTECTS with Coralline Red Algae & Diathomeus Clay to shield cells from external damage and oxidation, as well as Mineral Filters to defend the skin from light exposure.

TREATS with Lipid Plasmas to reduce redness and calm irritated skin and Melanin Activating Peptides to stimulate DNA repair

Instantly evens out skin tone and blurs imperfections
Provides broad-spectrum protection
Combats premature photoaging
Maintains moisture levels and inhibits dehydration
Quick and easy application that dries in minutes

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