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D24K Daily Prep Duo - 24H Hydration Day Cream SPF 30 & Renewal Facial Peel

D24K Daily Prep Duo - 24H Hydration Day Cream SPF 30 & Renewal Facial Peel

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D24K Optimal Hydration Cream SPF 30
Experience the luxury of velvety-smooth, refreshed skin, all while witnessing the remarkable transformation of fine lines and wrinkles fade into the background with our D24K Highly Concentrated Cream. This groundbreaking formula not only pampers your skin, but also actively nurtures its collagen production, unveiling an instant symphony of health, beauty, and youthful radiance.

Key Benefits:
- Elevate your skincare routine with Optimal Hydration Cream SPF 30, a dynamic fusion of moisture and sun protection.
- Immerse your skin in multilayered moisture, leaving it feeling deeply quenched and revitalized.

D24K Radiant Renewal Facial Peel
Elevate your skincare experience with the D24K 24K Facial Peel—an exquisite blend of science and luxury:

- Experience deep exfoliation without a trace of irritation.
- Enriched with a potent fusion of Collagen and 24K Gold, this rejuvenating peel not only deeply hydrates but also plumps your skin to perfection.
- Gentle yet effective, it delicately removes dead skin cells, fortifies against free radicals, and enhances both skin tone and elasticity, unveiling a more vibrant, youthful appearance.
- This perfect peel is your shield against wrinkles and discoloration, ensuring your skin remains a timeless canvas of beauty.

Key Benefits:
- Illuminate and amplify luminosity for a radiant glow.
- Rejuvenate lackluster complexions, revealing their hidden brilliance.
- Enhance skin texture, achieving a remarkably smooth appearance.

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